I used to be Cool like Fonzi

Okay so i’m disturbed that ‘Arthur Fonzirelli’ is doing Panto (if you are american, it’s an all singing, all dancing, ‘jazz hands’ family play, with a few dirty jokes… done at Christmas time.) This man should be a LEGEND, and feeling up girls with pink ribbons and petticoats, at  small american diners, not in green tights and lycra, being ‘Jack’ up his beanstalk, or Dick (bloody) Whittington!! Have you noticed how NOBODY actually knows the story to Dick Whittington (including myself) other than the fact that he had a chuffing CAT. Even the people in the actual pantomine, don’t even know the story!! I went to see it once in Leeds, and they burst into ‘Like a Virgin’ half way through it. But saying that i’ve never seen Madonnas ‘Like a Virgin’ performed so wonderfully. (Other than the time i sang it via Kareoke, at a thai restuarant, and started dry humping random ‘didn’t want to be humped’ couples, whilst they squizzled in their lemon-grassed noodles. They turned my microphone off, then threw me, my ego and anyone with me…. out!!)

So yeah, ‘The Fonz,’ (not even as ‘The Fonz,’) is going to be all ‘tickle my penis camp’, and have to listen to over-excited kiddies of England (including myself) screaming ‘He’s FUCKING behind Yoooooooooooooou!!’  I LOVE IT!! Had an arguement with Latin lover last night. It’s love.

Where’s my tea??

3 thoughts on “I used to be Cool like Fonzi”

  1. i hate panto it is pony i wopuld much rather be down the boozer with me pals watching the footie or talking about the 3 fs wich all men talk about this is how easy we are to undertand. it is football fucking and fighting

  2. i know but i am from essex babe we dont do cheesey and i aint got a bird so i dont have ot do all the panto thing just go down the boozer with the boys


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