I support the NOH8 Campaign



The NOH8 Campaign…something that i hold close to my heart. It’s a protest against Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriages. I’m a Wunna, and as a Wunna, I wave the flag for ‘Non-judgmental behaviour,’ and EQUALITY. I know how hard it is to find love and believe i’ll never find it.  Yet under NO circumstances should ‘LOVE’ ever be littled into gender separation. Love is, love is love…it’s an emotion and you can find it in any being regardless. You can love whoever you want.Whenever you want. I’m a straight girl,( a floozey even, who knows what it’s like to be hated upon for no real reason) but I’m Pro-CHOICE and  Pro- LOVE, therefore WAVE the flag for all marriages of the same sex. It is disgusting to me, (and not a lot is) that they are still discriminated against, even in these times. I have the most LOVING Gay fans (even though one did steal my bag the other day…lol) Open your minds, your hearts and support the NOH8 Campaign. Infact yesterday was National Coming out day…therfore if you fancy a bit of closet door openning, now is your chance to celebrate it.

HATE needs to be washed away and this WORLD needs to flourish with Love and EQUALITY. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe is right. I always DO without fear. It gets me into trouble yeah, but trouble is what made Me. Do not judge. Do not hate and well open your arms lovingly to those who may be different from you. Life is hard enough, therefore let the people who love each other, make it a better place.

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