I really need a sit down


Okay, so i’m still moderately stressed and when I say stressed, I simply mean that I internally don’t feel relaxed enough to enjoy life. Always bad..as it means that you’re not fully appreciating the time that you are having because your focus is elsewhere on something negative and stressy. It’s sort of like forgetting to ‘smell the roses’…or refusing to let life be taken by fate or simply like when a guy thinks another chick is far better because he has forgotten to focus on what’s great about the girl that he’s already got. I don’t have a peaceful mind right now, as it’s worried. It will be at peace shortly, but my body needs to feel it. I’m naturally a worrier. But even Bank Holiday cocktails isn’t easing this muddle.

I’m breathing, i’m happy,iv’e had most of the weekend off and i’ve enjoyed every little inch of my Bank Holiday with my gorgeous family and babies. I know that the drama of life is almost over…yet sometimes you need a holiday after it all, in order to recoup. Once you do take a ‘timeout’ and recoup, you see things more clearly and well things then get better.

Junior is cheery, giggly, a bit of a cheeky daredevil and ACE. Ruby is a Mini Me..a diva, a sweetheart, yet also a little confused by the goings on in Wunna land. She knows it i’m not full okay, without me saying. She can read me like a soulmate. She can see through anyone’s fake smile. Rubes and I need one on one time. I need a break. A holiday…before my big abroad venture. I’m wanting to sort something out for the ‘turning one’ event that I have coming up. ( I mean can you even believe that this time last year I was waddling around about to give birth in 3 weeks.)

I need something sorted that makes both the children happy and gives mama a little soul peace…innit. It’s just been the craziest 2014 that i’m happy the hardship part of it all is coming to a fullstop, so i can enjoy the rest of the year with banners and champagne. But it was HARD. Lol. (Swear lots here.)

Infact talking about swearing, today I dropped something on my foot and the words…’Oh shh….’were about to fly out of my mouth. Before it did, my tiny little girl, paused me in my red high heeled boots and said, ‘Mummy…wait..don’t you mean sugar.’ HOW THE HELL DOES SHE KNOW THAT??? HAHAHA.

All was well, happy as can be…then that same little bambino decided it was an appropriate time to get chicken pox. UGH! I’m HEARTBROKEN by it. I don’t know why I am, but I am. It feels so awful and makes me feel so bad for her. I want to nurse her back to good health every minute, to the point where I had a little mummy cry. Lol. (Yes, I AM that Mum. ) Chicken pox is chicken pox, i don’t know why my heart aches so much for her. But it does. Poor little thing. She probably only got it so she could skive off nursery for a week. ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact, she actually got it from nursery, as i do remember them saying it was going around. Lol.

I’m happy really and grateful for all that I have. I just like having a moan. It’s all going well and i’ve dealt with everything smoothly. But like I said, you just need a massage after that hard day, the dry off, after a heavy rain shower….a sit down after a big shift. The recovery period from the first half of the year that shocked me, before easing into the joyous, finally made it back ‘end of the year.’

The rest of the week is dedicated to work. but i have the whole next weekend off. I have so much to tell you, that I just can’t tell you yet. (Hate that.) But this will all get exciting…watch this space. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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