I Really Need A Cape


I’m up early today. I feel good. I feel fun. (Maybe i could add a ‘chipper-chipper- yeah yeah’ in there.) I’m currently having an online meeting of minds with Wazza…(who runs this site) about ‘Life/Love & Petre Andre.’  Wazza believes newly divorced Mr. Andre really does likes ‘Mysterious’ girls and has advised me to follow him around (which is class A stalking) looking all ‘Mysterious’ and preferably with a cape. (Hahahaha.) I am having a GREAT morning. Wake up to good news and laughter. It’s a winner everythime. (I don’t actually know why i find that so funny?) I think i’m losing my voice.

I’ve got a short morning day of work, where i go talk to teenagers about ‘Life.’ Apparently they’re gonna wanna throw things at me. But i feel confident-ish. I can relate to the young souls, better than i can to an adults wall. I have a young fun, free spirit…and well i actually can’t believe that someone trusts me enough to guide teenagers through life. (lol) I’m quite dandy at it, as i always talk about the mistakes i’ve made and my foolishness. And i talk TO them instead of AT them. Find out about their lives. Plus, it’s posh school, so hopefully they’ll start flinging Blackberry’s, and Wallets at me. It’s a win, win.

I’ve godda go. I have people around me concentrating on my hair (it’s the  size of a mountain) instead of my ‘speak to teen’ notes. I guess it’s ‘hair’ before ‘humour.’ I need a massage… Oh and i’m gonna start promoting some of my other friends on here, very very soon who are trying to make a name for themselves, in the industry of ‘ show.’ My blog’s done pretty well… and now it’s time to spread the joy, with the people i truely care about.

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