I really do need to step it up…


Good afternoon my Merry Munchkins of funk. I’ve had a great day today, an easy one. I worked a little bit this morning, which consisted of pouting, posing and answering personal questions about myself. A whole 2 hours, with mimosas…great breakfast and then i got back home went put on my PJ’s and went back to bed to re-wake up and play ‘lie-in .’ Like i keep saying the last two weeks have battered me in, not only in the looks and energy area of my world, but also within the social scene and career pool. And i HATE that. Therefore i’m winding up my engines to ‘boom boom pow’ it back on top. No-one does ‘Ooh LAA’ like me. I’m the Ultimate Glamour Puss…Queen of Fucking Greatness. Infact, to be honest no-one actually forgot that…but Me.I feel like i’m playing catch up. Nothing is worse than catch up.

Anyway just got home from doing lunch with by sexy bitch of a horny slave

5 thoughts on “I really do need to step it up…”

  1. loved the blog, i will be staying blogged,. lol you guy’s leave that fat bitch alone, lol. And have a great time in yorkshire. xx

  2. i love the pic chrissie to start of thanks for making me poets day for letting the weapons of mass destruction out know i will read what u say ha ha ha . im pleased u had sunch a nice lunch and fun with your polish sausage if u had that much fun with a polish one imagine how much fun u can have with an essex one 🙂


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