I Quit The ‘Puff Puff’


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Okay, so about 2 days ago I quit my awful smoking habit, for no real reason really other than ‘if you really do die quicker from smoking, then i’m fucked’ syndrome. I’m just a bit over it. I did kinda glamourize it in my head and felt like it was an extention of my being. And yeah I don’t mind a cheeky ‘puff’ now and again with wine, company or thoughts. Yet puffing a pack a day for no reason, other than boredom is tragical. And if i’m anything, i’m certainly not a chavvy tragical. I’m the Ultimate Lady of Leisure and that’s how things are staying.

Therefore in honour of my champion giving up of the papery fire sticks. I’m posting a ‘glory’ picture of deliciousness for you all to worship, stare at or frown upon, mid- wanky. I’m going to try and pass this off as ‘ART’ and expression…because i’m cool like that. But yeah a boobie, cigar fetish piccy for you. I love this photo a lot, so i hope you do to. It’s one of my favourites!!

Anyway, i’ve just got back from a childrens sports day in Badsworth with my red haired raven Harriet. I’m on a trip to London tomorrow, even though i don’t feel like going. My love life has got pretty boring, it’s in it’s ‘stand still’ stage. I like passion, excitement, affection and love…Yet today the energy seems a little bland. I don’t think ‘Jonny’ is being as attentive as he was in the beginning, or as open, or as loving infact..It feels like he always has ‘front’ up and i can’t dig deeper or he doesn’t want me to….but that’s usually the case. I don’t like it, cos i like to learn about people, y’know get to the raw nitty gritty of how they work. Maybe he’s bored with me too? Every phone conversation we have now, is quite standard ‘same old.’  And we don’t even really have sex? (And that’s not on me.) I feel like i’m making a great deal of the effort in this whole thing and he’s not. And i thought that with him being younger that he’d be a lot more obsessed with me than he is. (lol. True though.)  Only time will tell and i’m quite a difficult person to date, so i’ll  see. It could just all be on my head. I’m an attention whore afterall. I mean i’m in London tomorrow. But for now I need to shut up and tan, and concentrate on this old thing i call a ‘career.’ I’m doing amazingly. I’m very excited and well the future just lit (the fuckery) UP!!! I can’t believe it. I’m a lucky little chica. I’m having lots of fun! Doing what i do best!! Wish upon stars, as dreams really do come true bitches.

6 thoughts on “I Quit The ‘Puff Puff’”

  1. Hi Marky My Darling Treat!

    All you have to do, is be one and be amazingly Greatness…i think? Then surrender you’re life to expensive excess, cocktails and breaking hearts and yeah you’re pretty much set.

    Oh and thankyou. Yeah it’s a good read when ya bored..

    Love you lots x

  2. i love this pic coz i love cuban lardies and i love chrissies guns perfect combination. u are doing the right thing giving up the salmons chrissie they are shit it is the best thing i ever gave up


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