I need to get better, and like NOW!!

I’m still sick, ‘Golden balls’ is on tv, i just got out the shower, and i’m deciding to hate the person who invented those crappy text message shorthand, emotion symbols. Some of those things are so hard to comprehend, like ‘ ?-( ‘   which apparently means, ‘i have a black eye,’ that simply writing, ‘ i have a black eye’ would seemingly be way less tedious. Why butcher the English language with a mish-mesh of symbols that don’t play nicely. It’s almost as bad as morse code. A simple screachy, ‘FUCKING HELP ME NOW,’ is much easier than finding a torch, and having to ‘dot, dot, dash…’ or whatever the fuck it is…hahaha…with the flashlight, into the dark night sky, hoping that someone, a million miles away, reads your signal and comes to your rescue. Me no likey!!

Even though i’m sick, i have this funny feeling my father wants to take me shopping this evening, and buy me dinner. I believe i will promptly make a swift recovery, as a body in motion stays in motion. It’s like pudding it ‘goes down a different hoIe. I’m only sick because my body is resting, and not doing anything, except looking pretty. It doesn’t know how to take the rest, so it’s deciding to be ill. Plus it has no-one to touch skins with, so it feels a lot less alive, than usual!!! It’s so use to simply side stepping into the next cosy bed…hahaha…

I love you my pretties, and i’m sorry that my barter has been shite today, yet soon, it will get better…i hope…or i’m pretty much F**ked! Good times!!

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