I need some conversation baby

I’m going to eat me up a storm, pop open a bottle of vino, and go shopping to make me feel better.  I’m having problems with people not talking to me directly, or giving me some majorily cliched remedy to my tragic life…haha! I feel like people sometimes don’t feel sorry for me because i’m pretty…haha..that sounds weird, but it’s true, and every other hot person will feel my pain!! I remember crying on the streets of LA one time, in the valley, and this random person comes up to me, and says it’s all gonna be alright because i’m ‘pretty.’ Erm…? So i guess i AM magic. I can shit some Godly answers to my problems, out of my ‘pretty’ arse. I really do need to snap out of this mood, or just start the day again. It’s like the ‘dudes up above’ have it in for me today.  I called ‘Latin Lover’ to talk over my mood, he decided to be not very helpful, not really listen, and just mumur…’um, yeah, um  yeah…, um…’ I feel like, he likes it when i’m upset, makes him feel powerful or something. He rarely gives me good advice, or decent conversation, he never has anything to say to me…are brains work in very different ways. Mines actually moving in thought, his is just going through lengthy verses of, ‘dum, dum, dum.’ Sometimes i feel like i could twat him in the face as hard as i can (and i have) and he wouldn’t even feel a thing, his head would still be ‘dum dum dumming’ it. He likes me because i represent his ‘alter ego. ‘ It’s so ‘Fight club.’ At least i get to be Brad pitt. I need retail therapy!!

5 thoughts on “I need some conversation baby”

  1. there there, petal. You do have your blue pants on today…

    hugs & kisses and inappropriate bum fondles

  2. you need to go down the pub chrissie. ring up all your pals in donnie and have a good old fashioned knees up. or as u are a lady get your girl pals go to a nice eating establishment and gossip and get all your worries of your shoulders as u know us geezers aint good for chatting to about things we just go yes sweet crack on and nod our heads. most people do think sorts have it sweet coz they think u will have a geezer who is holding and folding and he can pay your troubles away. i hope u enjoy your vino chrissie and it sorts u right out . i might have some rose tonight or i might crack right on with the uris as me pal is coming round ot watch the ufc take care babe tada scratch


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