I Need Kisses

I do! I do! I’m just in the mood for a bit of ‘lovey dovey.’ I need smoochies and i kinda need them now. (She sips her champagne for breakfast. Be Me!) I keep waking up feeling like shit, so i need to figure out what’s wrong with me? Champagne helps me think and has made me realize it’s all because i need kisses.

I’m a girly girl, a romantic, with a sexy edge of feist and i just don’t work without sunlight and smoochies. I’m highly affection (but only because i’m secretly trying to feel you up or steal your wallet) and i’m tired of having no-one around to ‘love’ on me, when i need them too. In LA it’s so easy to find ‘smoochies.’ I can walk out onto the street and in 5 mintues i’m being kissed by a handsome stranger. But over here in England, its awfully difficult, as the boys are far less forward and my life  has pretty much changed. Plus, the intentions of others are not so sweet now. (I was used all the way through April by a worthless excuse of a boy. He was one of those didn’t pay for anything losers. Now the thought of him makes me want to do a sick. But it’s not really my loss, so i dont feel too bad. Hahaha!)

On a good note. I’m doing extremely well with the opposite sex right now. I feel loved, (well.. lusted after) but yet need kisses NOW! There are famous boys (who i flirt with or date in secret and always in secret because i cant deal with the drama of everyone being involved.) Then not so famous boys who i openly ‘woo’ quite cheekily and with a sexy wink and pout. Then there’s boys from all different countries of the world who open their hearts to me and mail me shirtless pictures (YES) and then theres ones i’ve known for ages, who i will always simply adore. To be honest i dont really care. I just need champagne, good times and smoochies. I need them now! Should i do a shot?

OMG! My friend is on tv in nothing but Y fronts!! There is a GOD! He was on the BBF show (in the penthouse) and begged me to share a bubble bath with him when he was troilled. OH MY GOD! It looks like he has a massive penis and is wiggling his bum in my face. He sure as hell looks like he could give me kisses? He is now jumping on a bed. Facebook message here i come! (I can’t stop enjoying men. It’s always going to be a problem of mine.) He is delicious, yet now my tv has replaced him with feet…so i’m kinda over him now. I’m not even bothered. I think i was just tantalized by his ‘bulge.’ It’s easy to find ‘bulges’ is harder to find one you actually care about. 

Last night i called ‘Latin lover’ who was a darling to me. My PMT got the better of me, and i started bitching him out for no reason what so ever. (Well done Wunna.) He said something i didnt like and i hate people telling me what to do with my life, when there’s is far more rubbish than mine.  But it ended with him telling me not to talk to him like that..EVER! (Hahha!) I hung up. But after 15 mintues decided to call back and apologise for being awful. (And this is why i adore him.) He simply laughs at me, welcomes me back into his world with opens arms and we start again like it never even happened. He’s so understanding and completely knows hows to deal with me. He isn’t remotely phased by my jiggery pokery and basically just loves me. I always go for boys who let me get my own way. I like them more. I see them as strong. The insecure get scared away. (They run away crying and calling for their Mothers.)

My friend who’s just got back fromVegas, told me the funniest tale yesterday. So he was in Sin city, TRASHED in an elevator after a ‘Yard of Margarita’ (if you don’t know what that is..then you haven’t lived) and then Elvis walks in. All he said to me was’ You could imagine my confusion?? I looked around and asked my friend whether he could see him too!’ And that my Bitches….is LIVING!!

Do something today! I’m partying through the day, shooting in the afternoon and dancing to the merry tunes of my oh so wonderful life and hopefully dressed like a floozey! I’m giving bad advice, milking the ‘Glamour Pussy’ and swearing at inconsiderate toddlers. I might also do lunges, with umbrella drinks in each hand. Its the only way i can bare a work out.

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  1. i do love it u are right but not as much as i love vegas and me old china over there i ave still got the vegas blues but oh well ibiza next weekend


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