I love Penis

So here’s something you should never do when you’re recovering mentally, emotionally, and physically of your first boob job, and that is WATCH FUCKING ‘FIGHT CLUB’ for breakfast! Oh my God!! It’s sooooooo violent, and taxing on the brain!! I feel like, i’ve just been ferociously jerked around, beat up and thrown in a quick car wreck. It was like Day 1, of recovery!!! I knew i should’ve just watched crap morning telly. JESUS CHRIST!! Good film! Bad time! My fault! I’m having to do these crazy movie marathons until Friday, the day when God loves me, and rids me of my boobie bandages!! I’m FREE…(and in all senses of the word…wink wink.) Yesterday, it was ‘Walk the line.’ I’m there, watching Johnny Cash’s bloody drug ADDICTION, as i’m having to swallow down my rockstar painkillers. JESUS!! I need chick flicks! The doctor should have put this on my list of ‘things i’m not allowed to do right now.’ There’s sooooo much clutter on this damn list that i really don’t think there is ANYTHING, i’m actually allowed to do. NO bending, NO stretching, NO bad food, NO harsh moving, NO bathing, NO sunlight, NO reaching , NO lifting of ANY kind, yet there’s a whole section, on my long crap list stating that i’m totally 100% ALLOWED to take part in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE and EAT things!! What????? A perv who wants to bonk defenseless young girls with new swollen boobies must have written that list. It might as well have said, ‘DO NOTHING, BUT SEX.’ Oh and ‘TAKE PAINKILLERS.’ Men!! I love you…all!! (apart from the homeless ones, you guys smell.)

I’m actually pretty knackered after writing this blog. I can’t wait until i feel ‘fit agai’n. But i am as happy as can be, and doing GREAT!! My boobs look wonderful by the way. Infact DELICIOUS…and definitely worth a bit of back ache!! Life is good!! I feel a little dizzy! Oh and that boy from lithuania, (who so happens to be a wealth of knowledge,) told me that if a MAN resists ‘wanking his chubby’ before he goes out ‘on the pull’ for Mrs. ‘Right for One Night,’ or whatever… his testosterone levels raise soooo high, that he ends up walking into a bar, and EVERY woman WANTS his penis. It’s tried tested and true!! We, (as in the Girlies) can only sexually connect with you (as in the beasts), when YOU, believe it or not, are at your ‘tick tick McBOOM’ stage!! It’s called hormones or something. I still say buy us drinks, make us laugh, flash a bit of cash, and you’ll probably get laid.

I just thought i’d help you all pull a skirt!! Kisses Darlings!!

3 thoughts on “I love Penis”

  1. the problem with buying drinks chrissie is when u buy the girls a drink and they walk of without saying thanks u get and feel right mugged of

  2. RIGHT, and thats horrible, and i’ve done that millions of times, well no, i’ve always said ‘thankyou’ hahah!! But it’s a combination of flirting, making us laugh, making us want you, not wanking before you go out, THEN buying us the drinks to kind of ‘close the deal.’ You know if a girl is in to you, the moment you first see her, or whether she’s gonna take ya drink n run off!! xxxxx

  3. i know but i use the buying as drink to break the ice. and men dont know if a girll is int ot u we aint that clever or i am not anyway but i will try cheers chrissie and i dont normally wank before i go out i dso sometimes it depends if i know i am going out or not. i hope u get better soon babe take care chrissie tada scratch


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