I love my life, so you should love it too…

Lovely lovely, likey likey! I’m feeling wonderful, i’m feeling sexy, i’m feeling set for superstardom, and i’ve just found out i have a ‘superhuman’ friend!! I’m so lucky to live such a wonderful life, and i’m so lucky to have this Gin and Tonic infront of me. Work is pouring in, and i’m having the best bloody time doing it!! And that’s my motto for anyone in life….’just have the best bloody time, doing it.’ That’s definitely what got the rumours of Chrissie Wunna stirring in Hollywood…or was that because i slept with handsome faced boys??? (haha…oooh she’s a funny one.) Too many people waste too much time worrying, about what people think of them, or what they SHOULD do with their lives, or why, why why???? (shoot me) I’ve never been one to care what people thought, (it’s worked for me, and against me) i was always there to entertain. (always worked for me.) I’ve always and usually by accident had a GREAT fucking time, and ALL OVER the world. I’ve danced, i’ve romanced, i’ve laughed out loud in very quiet places. I’ve wiggled on top of tables, i’ve hidden underneath them (dressed as a fairy in a UV room_fyi, not a good place to hide in white fairy wings), i’ve worked hard, i’ve loved hard, i’ve cried hard, and managed to real life karate chop someone, whilst screaming, ‘KARRRRRATEEEE CHOOOOP,’ and if more people were this wonderful way, we’d be living in a dodgey hollywood V.I.P room screaming for mercy…hahaha, so thank GOD for the brainiacts, or the ‘stiffs’ who keep a moral code of conduct for us all to aspire toward!! lol….

I need another G&T, i miss Hollyweird, i LOVE my life!!! Hurrah for pink phones!

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