I love my boobs

So just like that ‘Latin Lover’ and I broke up!! Can you believe it?? He calls me from Chicago, acting all gangster, ‘i don’t care, leave me, if you want to leave me.’ I told him to never contact me ever again, due to the way he was talking to me (plus he was otherwise occupied, and rather go eat then save his relationship)….his last quote to me was, ‘Okay.’ I hung up…it’s DONE!! I will never trust or love him again. I’m tired of giving my heart up to people who use it undeservingly. Enough of that though! It’s a waste. I can’t believe he would give me up, so willingly?? It feels horrible…I hate boys who act a certain way because they’re around a certain crowd. He was soooooooooo rude to me. I’m very hurt.

The good news is i test shoot for the ‘Playboy USA’ photographer on Friday in London!! (Booyah!! )He called me whilst i was watching a guy hit a woman in the face, in Doncaster market. Classy! He proper pelted her!! The police came and everything….i think i was witness, but instead i was doing a ‘happy dance’ cos Byron actually wanted to do a shoot with me!! Woo-hoo!! Tomorrow, i film for a reality show in Manchester..my week is busy….i think i’m gonna need it to be that way too….but i’m very excited. It’s good to be back at work! But yeah he really smacked her!! It was horrid. I can’t believe i am single?

I’m enjoying a vodka ginger beer..it’s actually better than it sounds…hahahaha…i’m excited about my work load, and everyone on cashier 8 at Morrisons decided to stare at me, or my boobs, for 12.4 mins because they couldn’t work out whether i was someone famous or just a slutty girl!! lol…. i love my boobs!! I have to go, i feel weird.

4 thoughts on “I love my boobs”

  1. i think most fridges are gonna love your thrupneys two chrissie they sound the guvna. congratulations on getting the playboy shoot chrissie. im sorry to hear about u and your fella babe. it is bad when a geezer hits a bird i ave only seen it a few times and it isnt nice the only time i understood it was when a bird glassed me pal so he smacked her. have a great week and good luck with the reality show in manchester chrissie

  2. Babe you can think that I don’t Love you, but even at the times where I might feel that I don’t care… I Do!!! My Life has been on a roller coaster ride since you have left my side… It’s not the same without you and I feel that I can’t live without you… Even if you were not to ever talk or see me again, you have to know that I really do Love you… I guess I never had the proper teaching of how a relationship works… I try my hardest and get stuck or frustrated and sometimes act shittie, but I don’t do it deliberately… Maybe I was meant to be lonely… I don’t like it, but I guess I just need help with all this stuff in my head… I Loves You deeply!!! Take care and good luck in all your endeavors!!!




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