I love a juicy arse!!

Nothing is more delicious than the role played by ‘Brad Pitt Arse, ‘ in the movie ‘Troy.’ Now thats some talent!! I have watched then rewatched, and watched one more time for the greatest of luck, and i think…yes, if a man came attached to a ‘warrior’ arse as GREAT as that one of Mr.Pitt’s, i would quite possibly be forced to marry him….and immediately!! And when i say ‘him’, i do mean the’ arse’… any man, provided he’s a warrior, can come attached to it. Ofcourse it would be nice if it was Brad Pitt, but something tells me he’s got more important things, like adopting hundreds more, of the ‘Jolie-Pitt’ children.. to tend too. Ho hum!! God i love a juicy piece of Brad Pitt, Troy, BOTTOM. Feed me!!

Life is great as of right now. Even though i do feel it’s being played with by a boy who is failing to Impress me (same story different face) I travel to London on Thursday, to shoot the movie i was telling you about. It’s meant to be a decent one days work, and decent it will be methinks…. i’m so excited!! Yet i still can’t wait to get back to LA!! I’m hoping the pieces to the puzzle of my life, will finally fit together with ease, grace and a truck load of hot pink. I kind of need it too as of now. But i’m a lucky girl, so we’ll see what life throws at me!! I’m happy!! Hope you are too!!

My computer is still being a tart, yet is working a little faster now, after a giant bollocking!! However, it did decide to make the ‘C’ key, not work unless it is pressed a million and two times. Which is quite a misfortune when you’re name begins with the letter, ‘C.’ ( sooooo dysfunctional Sesame street.)

Anyway, my hotties! Thankyou for your constant support, it does mean a great deal, and i adore you all…however note to self boys: i will adore you more if you buy me DIAMONDS!!