I look like Michael Jackson

So i went to Marks and Spencers today, to find me an ‘oh so glamourous’ nasty ass, sports bra, that i have to adorn after my boob operation. So i’m there buying bras way to big for me, and i bump into an old school mate, i’ll call her, ‘Graves,’ who’s probably the hottest, and thinnest PREGNANT female, i have ever seen in my life…we made out!! (Haha..you wish!) She’s 23 weeks up the duffy and thinner than i am!! She bought maternity clothes, i bought ugly ass bras, we gossiped, and talked about boys who own bars!! Ooh it’s hot today innit?? Whatelse?? Oh yeah, some shirtless child on the street, said i looked like ‘Michael Jackson’, hahahaha. I don’t know whether he means, like the actual ‘Michael jackson,’ or like a dodgey child molester…..and another one said i looked like a ‘chico???’ I found a baby by a dumpster, whilst i was eating my ‘Twister…’ i just left it there. I miss being touched by men. I watched the ‘hairiest man in the world ‘ documentary, and i NEVER want to meet the hairest man in the world EVER!! It makes me want to gip up a little. I’ve bought the wrong sized bra.(fuck it) i feel like i need sex,(NOW) my ‘Latin Lover’ is going to Vegas, (he’ll come back miserable) the Lithuanian boy is still Lithuanian and told me how he lost his virginity (it’s a SHOCKER.) I am completely off work for a couple weeks, yet still LOVE my job….. and i’m leaving for the whole rest of the week to London, to attend other peoples weddings, and stuff… (note: there will be no blogs.) poor you!!

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