I Hate Gossip Whores & Eggs

Omg! I am totally watching ‘Randy Jacksons Best American Dance Crew’ right now and (swoon much) these dancer boys are AMAZING. It’s love…i swear. I’m really fond of dancers because i use to be one. And well these boys are amazing. I have all this, popping and locking (lol) and winding and grinding, then an insane amount of ‘booty’ shaking….happenning at me, squidged into my tv screen. Topped off with Mario Lopez!!! I am addicted to the show now. It’s like ghetto fabulous porn….but to better music.

I’m currently feeling wonderful. I’m being played around by a boy a bit, but it’s not phasing me anymore. I’m a lot stronger than i thought, and i’ll fight for what i want. That’s how i’ve done well in life. (It is getting dragged out a bit too long for my liking however.) But i’ve got a lot going on right now and he’s a good guy. I’m standing my ground. (For now.) At least i know, that i ended up being a decent person. (Oh shit my phones ringing.)

Ugh…ok. Let me just say. Chrissie Wunna HATEs gossip. I don’t like people talking about others behind peoples back. I think it’s so loser. Especially if they don’t really know the story, have nothing going on in their own lives, that they make up ‘what they think they knows’ about other peoples lives. Please stop doing that. I’ve just basically got pissed off, my hearing something that someone made up about me ages ago and decided to gossip about it through the towns. Then i’m expected to justify it..when really i don’t need to justify anything to ANYONE. It’s MY life and i don’t need to explain the made up ‘personals’ to you. Gossip whores annoy me. Just because i’m doing well right now, doesn’t give you reason to talk me down. It annoys me more than ANYTHING. I’m not a gossipy girl. I keep myself to myself and i tell you what i choose to, on this blog. I just don’t want to hear it. I love how everyone thinks someone else would know more about my life than ME…the actual person living it. I’m great at keeping secrets. I know so many things about many of this world (told to me in confidence) and their story has never left my lips. Learn it. It comes with age…And if you don’t know the real story, then try not to fill in your own blanks beforing spreading.

Anyway, what was i gonna say?? Oh yeah…i’ve been doing a lot of research today for the book i’m writing. It’s a bit of fun for young girls, who want to be ‘Glam’ like a Wunna…well Me. (lol.) Therefore i’ve been reading a lot of books that sort of do the same. (It’s like cheating in class.) I picked up one today, that was called ‘Top Tips For Girls’ and in my excitement grabbed it and flung it open for a gander. Not being funny or anything to the writer…but you’d think it’d be a bit more ‘independant woman.’ Or even a bit more fun? Like have chapters on charming boys, beauty tips, manners etc… But OH NO! Top Tips for Girls…..‘How to fry the perfect egg./ How to clean a tough carpet./ How to cook the perfect steak./ How to do the laundry correctly.’ OMG!!! Hilarious!!! For teens!!!

Erm…not really my idea of a ‘good time.’ I’m sure the boy version says, ‘How to beat your wife correctly.’ Bloody hell!!! But it’s still quite funny. Mine’s going to be a little bit more…. i was going to say ‘ooh laa,’ but i guess the word is ‘annoying.’ I was pissing myself at it. Tremendous!!

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