I hate bad news!

So i’ve just recieved some bad news, and quite honestly….i HATE being force fed a spoonful of nasty newsage. I think it’s because i have a very well hidden sensitive side (haha), so when i read, hear or see, something that in some way alters my life,  and in a bad way, it always makes me sad. (Aww…!) Well you see, i LOVE life to pieces, and i live it, like i love it. Therefore, when i recieve news that maybe puts a stop to all the fun, or makes me have to take a U-turn and go a different direction…i get disappointed and quite easily. I also like to get what i want!! (Don’t we all.) So when i don’t i get pissed off!! hahahaha!

But anyway, i’m over it now, and i know i’m making this news sound sooooooooo bad, when really it’s just quite minor, but fuck it…..it still pissed me off!! Hahahaha!! I think this is a very appropriate time to start re-doing something i’ve been putting off for ages!! Here we go!!

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