I forgot April Fools!!

I fucking forgot it was Aprils fools day today!! Bollocks!! I never got to fool anyone!! Ugh!! I hate my non-working brain!! The only reason why i remembered is obviously because… i just seemed to get ‘Fooled’ so to speak by Sir Bradley Hoss, who managed to FOOL me, all the way from LA, because i am quite basically DUMB!! Ugh!! Luckily, i managed to call him a ‘bastard,’ to hide my shame, yet I’m SO pissed off, that i forgot to fool anyone. I think, it’s because my April Fools jokes, aren’t funny, they always end up hurting someone emotionally!! lol…( people are WAY too sensitive) I remember waking up one day, AGES ago ( i hadn’t even gone to LA yet) looking to the otherside of the pillow and telling my long term boyfriend, that i had been cheating on him the whole time. He burst into tears. I shouted, ‘APRIL FOOLS!!’ He didn’t find it funny! And they never lived happily ever after again!!! (hahaha)

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