I feel like a fat bitch!

Fuck i feel fat, and it’s the most horrid feeling ever. I’m bloated, pudgey, my thighs should be rotating around a spit roast, and my belly should be made fun of by hot blond skinny girls. Ugh!! I weep. It’s almost nearly my time of the month, and the waiting for ‘it’ to arrive is a bitch. Now, i know God is a man, or infact a queeny gay man, who wants all girls to suffer, so before they actually get their monthly bloodied out pour, he makes us FAT for one whole week, so we look like shit too. I mean it would be okay, if my job was doughnut eating truck driver, or susie-anne who works behind a giant desk. But my flipping job is ‘take all your clothes off, hold ya boobs and smile,’ so putting on that extra bit of end of month’ ooh laa,’ is tragic!! UGH!! UGH!! UGH!!! It’s so hard to stay skinny in Yorkshire, where there’s and array of starchy delights, and grubby hungry asian girls, ready to feast upon it’s fruits!! FUCK!! Before i go back to LA, i have seriously got to get my fat ass on a ‘skinny bitch’ diet!! I’m wearing these baggy pants that i never could fit into before, yet now they’re all filled out and full!! UGH!!! This sucks!! I need to get my period and be done!!

5 thoughts on “I feel like a fat bitch!”

  1. I feel like a fat bitch too – so lets go out and get one!

    …then we can see you look NOTHING LIKE ONE!

    Crazy bitch – maybe; hot bitch- definitely; fat bitch – no way!

  2. You might as well stuff 10 potatoes up my behind, add sparklers, and serve me up for flipping dinner. I am fat! But yeah totally lets find an even fatter one to make me feel thin again…evil evil…i likey!!

  3. Chrissie, believe me, you are definitely not fat, you have the perfect figure.
    A lot of girls would dream of having a gorgeous curvy sexy body like yours.

    Enter “fat woman”, “fat girl”, or similar into Google Image Search, and
    you’ll see that you ain’t anywhere near the size of the examples that
    appear in the search results. Especially with “Safe Search” off!

    I’m not into the so called “size zero”. I much prefer “size perfecto”.

    Chrissie … you are absolute perfection.



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