I do not function in the rain

Still the Queen of Greatness, feeling loved, and in love. I’m solar powered so the ridiculously heavy raining, pretty much ruined my whole day. The only good thing about rain, is that it’s sometimes referred to as ‘baby-making weather.’ When you aren’t too partial to making babies just yet….it becomes pretty pointless. Boo to RAIN! It not only ruins parades, but it also tends to ruin lives!! Yee-haa, sailor!!

I’m excited for my ‘can’t tell you, cos i’ll jinx it’ thing that i have coming up, yet getting a little bit nervous. I feel like i’ve been put on ‘hold,’ y’know that anxious limbo, where one has to patiently ‘wait n smile’ in order to hear some hopeful TREMENDOUS news. My life is changing by the minute, and for the better. Every few months, i’m opening my eyes, in different countries, living different lives, yet nothing is going to beat this one! I’m determined to make my Chrissie Wunna ‘mark’ (and i don’t mean dirty drunken ‘snailtrail’…hahahah.) I think i have a good shot this time…so i’m all boob job, and smiles!! I’m ready to go an adventure or two, and i’m doing it armed with a lethal ‘Va Voomage’ and heels!!

I feel very powerful today, like i can conquer anything. I watched my little old man ‘Arnie’ on Ward 2, (who i visit and adore) be told that he’s not going to be alive in 6 weeks. I watched any piece of strength he had left, (and he’s a cheeky charmer, even at 70,) be drained out of his body, in about 3 seconds flat. I saw his daughter be told her dad was going to die, whilst i was being told i would have mine home, fit and well on Tuesday. I told ‘Arnie’ he was ‘Sexy.’ He burst into tears, through laughter. My dad then decides to cry because he’s so happy he’s coming home. ( i think the nurses are thinking about kicking me out.) They both claim i ‘brighten up their lives.’ If i can brigthen up theirs, then i can brighten up everyones!! And if i can’t, then i can have a bloody blast trying!!! Woo-hoo!

Watch this space…

1 thought on “I do not function in the rain”

  1. im pleased to hear about your old man chrisie and im dorry to hear about arnie. u are right trying tro cheer people up chrissie everyone should try ot be nice aint it. i hope u your secret goes weel for u treacle have a blinding weekend chrissie take care babe tada scratch


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