I Can’t Believe My Luck…


Keep doing this thing where my eyes open at 4.30am every morning. It’s gonna have to stop, especially because i was having a rather wonderful dream about musclebound hero’s. I tried to get back to it, yet my mind decided to toy with me and give me the middle fingeroo.

I am having an AMAZING day. Work is going far too well for me right now. I really don’t deserve it. (Well i do. I work a lot harder than you believe i do…i just don’t tell you.)  I’m finally making an impact, my mark and at this rate with a little less ‘party party’ and a little more concentration…i’m actually gonna find my merry self in a rather ‘dream come true’ position! I can’t believe it!! Boys are wanting to hang out with me left, right and centre (oooh matron,) i even had one try to BUY me out of work, claiming he would triple whatever i was getting paid for the day, if i just did dinner with him. Nice gesture, but I’m not that girl. I pay my own way. I always have. Yet, i’ve noticed how young boys or even grown ass men are having to use people in order to get a themselves a drink at a bar even. What is that??? I mean they think they’re being clever clever…when really they are simply passing the power and making themselves look a bit silly. It makes people lose respect for you. I mean, you have freely without the art of manipulation, been offered a drink….Then that’s a different story! Men are slags! Yet have a go at us for being slaggy. They wish they were girls. Well hot ones anyhow.

I have a marvellous amount of shoots coming up. I can’t work my microwave. I’ve had a little chat with it, yet it’s telling me to politely ‘fuck off.’ I have great support from my friends right now. They are thundering my corner like champions. Work is a dream. A gentleman in Ireland has been following my jiggery pokery and would like me to appear in one of their reality shows. I have a delicious amount of parties to go to…if i  so wishy. I have a book on it’s way out and i can now completely do the ‘Moonwalk.’ Yes i can!! Don’t hate!! Oh and i’m contemplating being a ‘sparrow’ for Halloween. You like? 50 dorrar!

I feel strong, powerful and sexy and i’m rocking it. The phrase of the day is ‘single and fabulous.’ I’m so not arsed with guys right now, because i feel like my package is a bit too good for what’s being put on offer. Don’t sell yourself short…unless you really have to! (wink) We’ve all been there. But yeah today i’m all ‘i don’t need a man,’ and it actually feels liberating and i’ve been shouting ‘so what…i’m still a rockstar..’ repeatedly..because I can! I’m single. I’m fabulous and why have a man, if you know you’re only gonna trip up over him? They’re like litter, or shoes that don’t fit.

The Daily tar claims that i am in love with Wayne Rooney. (Made up. Even though i did talk to Natalie Rooney last night…who fancies Aaron Carter. I never went through that stage…he was never cute to me. I always thought he looked like he was on drugs. Then I was reminded of how my best bud ‘Wazza’ is a lovable liar and in front of the whole nation too. (Lol.) I’ m meeting up with Layla today for a coffee in Leicester square, for a catch up. I love Layla…she’s all naieve and boobied. Great decoration. Great to take the piss out of. Her nickname for me is ‘Ugly.’ I’m gonna drill her about her love life. I’m good like that. Then i’ll report everything i know! Mwahahaha!

The reason why i’ve become so strong is because i was sitting in a room full of lonely, lost hearts who were feeling rather sorry for themselves and refusing to perk up. If you can’t see the funny in something that hurts, then eventually you will be FUCKED and not the goood kind. My bounce back ability is fast and dynamic and i was sort of getting washed up in a wave of self pity, tided in by the ‘lonelies.’ I looked around the room…stopped…then looked again. Drank wine. Danced to Beyonce. Then realized i was NOTHING like them. I’m strong and people moan to me, because i am. I set a great example of ‘everythings going to be alright.’ I’m living proof. I mean i told you how peoples hearts crumble…well i’m not saying mine doesn’t, but when it does i can scoop it all up in 5 minutes, add glitter, champagne, make out with a stranger and be ready for the next merry adventure.

Don’t wallow in self pity. Look for the positive, the bright side, the good in people. If you don’t you are way behind in the race of strenght. Pick your friends wisely and well ENJOY what the world has to offer. Whether it be boys, bags or booty. Ditch any excess baggage and always travel light. I am known for this. I am not a ten suitcase girl. I have one bag, and THAT is ALL. I’m always very weary of those who trundle along with too much luggage. It means they can’t make decisions, and aren’t free enough to fly.They don’t feel safe without it. Team Wunna rocks. Join me. Lets mess this world up good and proper!!!

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  1. Roooney roooney u got ot love wazza he is the man and he can hold his hands up and all unlike a lot of em know adays. im pleased all is good in miss wunnas hood sorry i aint been on in ages i have been well buy at work and working out trying to make me self a sort for vegas and for u me old china ha ha ha


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