I can push buttons, like for real…

So this is going to be one of my most pointless blogs, but whatever, it’s MY blog not yours so listen up!! haha! I have just had my nail extentions taken off, so now (and quite obviously my nails are currently short)…all i can say is OH MY GOD!! I can ACTUALLY FEEL things, and type fast, and text message like a demon on heat, and push tiny buttons, without having to carefully place my nail in the exact right position in order to ‘push’ correctly. I am SAVED! The Lord is GOOD! Bring out the ‘can can’ dancers!! Just wanted to share my sheer joy with you, thats all really. Oh and i also wanted to inform you that as of approx. 15 mins ago, i now fancy Zac Efron. It would seem bizarre, as i tend to make fun of him and his ‘not so’ Butch ways, galloping gleefully, through fields whilst singing, and pointing. Yet it seems he has grown on me, after having to watch High School Musical 2 endlessly. So i take my ridiculing back. I mean i only made fun of him because he was in a movie singing and dancing, and i sadly was not. It’s great being rubbish, but only if you’re HOT…otherwise it’s really just shit, isn’t it!!  Yeah, If you can’t beat them, make fun of them, right?? Anyway, he’s Hot…for now. More importantly, i can FEEL, i have no crazy nails! I feel a bit dizzy??? I think i’m sick?

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