I call it ‘VICTORY’

Ridiculous AMAZING day, to the point where i can’t even begin to beable to talk about it, until i’ve completed my dance of victory and absorbed all that is a happenning to me. I’m in what i like to call HAPPY shock, a moment of intense ‘pause button’ magic. WTF??? I mean, how have i gone from ‘chinese looking girl with tits- who’s eaten far too much for a girl that poses naked’ to being awkwardly lifted, by bulky men in high places, who have plonked me in the ‘HOT PROPERTY’ box, thrown money at me…CRAZY money and told me a list of 2010 things that just so happened to have booked, and they are BIG things that even i thought was almost enough to *faint* at. What the FUCK!!!! I can’t believe it. Today, i’ve been flung work opportunities galore and i don’t know how? I have my 2010 set and my road to ‘taking world over’ not only made solid, but embedded with diamonds, with my name hung from great great heights…in lights. I’m actually doing it. WTF!! I guess the only way to get something that seems so extra-ordinary, is to do something a wee bit extra-ordindary.

My 2010…that i’m juiced for is going to be all about work. I’m cutting out all that i believe is negative, to concentrate on ME. It’s a good year for me…i have the contracts to prove it and my wounds are all healed. (Unfortunately my hungover is far from healed.) I’m lucky and grateful and i’m not about to fuck it all up. I’ve worked hard for it all. I’m noticed that people tend to get ahead in the time that others waste. I’m no longer a time waster. But i know of people who are. People who wonder why they have so much talent, but aren’t getting ahead fast enough. KEEP MOVING FORWARD and do not get caught up in the ‘time wasting.’ Get hungry for your dream. I feel strong right now. (I’m love how i’m all UMPHED UP and powerful, but chilling eating Minstrels whilst i watch Eastenders.) I need a break from my ‘Good News’ drama. A time to actually breathe, instead of jumping up and down on my Mothers bed in merriement. WHAT THE FUCK- MAN!!! Remember that Dreams Come TRUE!! They really do! But you kinda have to get the ball a rolling, so that you can let ‘LIFE’ take care of the rest. I’m good with life. I’ve loved it. Therefore, it loves me back. It’s the key to all success….and drinking. *Grabs rum*

Anyway, I can’t even remember what happened last night now, apart from boys on Facebook offering themselves as sex slaves to Me. I was *rolls eyes* at them, for having no bone of ‘Romance’ in them. However, now i’m like, ‘Hey maybe i should mark them down in the little Black book. You never know when you might need a good sex slave?’ Like i apparently don’t even have to care for them, just merely use them for sex and treat them like 4th class citizens. VICTORY!!! Lol. I wonder whether they’ll let me beat them? Haha…i’m back to *rolls eyes* LOL.

Other than that, the highlight of yesterday evening was having a little natter,with my favourite toy boy (lol)  George

4 thoughts on “I call it ‘VICTORY’”

  1. Hey,

    Seems like 2010 will be your year! (i knew it) Super well done!

    U have EARNT it and you deserve the LOT. So nice to see peoples dreams come true, esp those who really DO deserve it. N whatever happens the people who support ya will always be here.

    Now go bounce on that bed bitch!! yeh!!!!! haha xxxxxxxx


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