I am the biggest light weight right now…it sucks!!

Fuzzy headed. I love mixed drinks, yet they always seem to make me feel like crap. I can”’ t party like i use to too, and i don’t know why?? England (after LA) is like rehab. I’m much happier yet really quite rubbish at ‘boozey nights.’ If i am too, saunter back over to la la land soon, i really need to beable to mix all drinks, drink them, not feel hungover, and at the same time as being a size zero. ( i’m not a size zero, and i still can’t hold a cocktail…i’m doomed.)

Anyway, i’m feeling lovely, i’m feeling sexy and after another day of shopping, buying other people phones, and sore feet…i think a giant rest is in order before i start revving up the work engine again. I have been working non-stop, and i love it, yet in order to avoid nervous breakdowns, RESTS are to be taken inbetween each massive work marathon. I had a lovely posh lunch today with the Great Wunna before me, and my darling younger sibling, yet trying to disguise my fuzzy head was a wee bit tedious. I think everyone noticed, as i ordered a coke with my salad, and not a glass of Vino. Oh the shock!! I’m a light weight, yet a cheap date boys…wink wink….well not really…i’m extremely high maintenance, yet not financially more emotionally!!

I’m currently drinking a bitter lemon and vodka, as it’s all i could find in the cupboard within my reach, i’m only 5ft 4. (all good things except for giant pink cars, and ice-cream trucks come in small packages.) I’m only drinking the bitter lemon vodka, in dying hope that my ‘immune system to booze’ will become superhero strong. Note, this may sound bizarro to you yet i’m not the only person in the world who does it. Its always better then having one drink, gaining beer goggles, and ending up spread eagle, on some poor ugly sods bedroom floor. I’ll at least beable to have two before i’m so drunk i let him take advantage if my sweet nature.

I need to go…kisses

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