I am itchy

The sunbed has fucked me up. I’m all itchy all over, and it’s really not that comfortable. It’s like you have ants crawling under a layer of skin. Not sure why this happened, as my body is very used to being tanned under a bed of uv rays, yet now, 12 minutes under…and i’m all burnt & itchy!?! UGH! I guess my skin must have lightened up more than i thought?? I don’t know who to blame so i’m gonna go with..’my upbringing’ this time…lol.

Yesterday, i travelled to Dudley, the land of brummies, (who are the loveliest people, plus the taxi drivers actually KNOW where places are,) to shoot for ‘Brooke-Lee’s Playmates.’ I am one now, and it’s one of the funnest jobs ever, except you do have to do these silly videos, that begin, ‘Hi Boys, I’m Chrissie…i’m all hot n bothered and….then all of a sudden i’m stripping down, (hahaha.) I’m a bit shy to be doing all that! Yet, i did manage 5 sets, and spend the day dressed as an ‘Army girl,’ on some fake rocks, a slutty ‘Police woman’ in a jail cell, me being ‘slutty in hot pink’ on a table, and a scene set called, ‘lounging.’ Oh and ofcourse i did a white screen, and a bedroom!! The whole time we were being filmed by a camera crew, who themselves were getting a bit hot n bothered. Great day, except we lived off smirnoff ice, and music that made you feel like you were in Ibiza. Just imagine a MASSIVE studio, with the BEST sets, from old pin up screens, to showers, to army rocks, to fetish random ‘looks painful’ swings dungeoins, to jail cells, to bedrooms, to sitting rooms, to blow up things…it was a photographers haven, plus it was littered with naked playmates, so yeah…great for the boys! God, i’m still fucking ITCHY! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! What do i do?? I’m an idiot!! I woke up a little too early, it’s 6am….i just felt grotty, so not being healthy yesterday. It’s a big part of my life now, so even the slightest bit of ‘unhealth’ whether it be food or lifestyle SUCKS! I want to glow a pure clean aura of freshness, and not a musty partied out grey cloud of smoke orb. I fucking hATE being ITCHY!!! Aaargh!

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  1. stick some savlon on the itch treacle do u like smirnoff ice chrissie i dont mind it in turbo shandy. i cant wait ot see the pics of u as a gavver have a great week chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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