I am Greatness

Just me being AWESOME!! It was late, i’m a well known prankster, (even though no-one really finds my pranks funny.) I decided to fuck up my last few shots for fun, when i was being told to look, ‘serious, seductive, and like i really do think of big penis as i bathe in a barn.’ Enjoy!! I guess i don’t take direction too well….it was late.

6 thoughts on “I am Greatness”

  1. i like this pic u look like uare having a right laugh and i got to say your laugh looks quite sexy to me from here have a blinding wednesday chrissie take care treacle tada scratch

  2. always a pleasure chrissie never a chore babe. if u ever need anything i will repaiy the favor babe have a lovely day treacle tada scratch

  3. lovely pic, Chrissie – I love to see a beautiful sexy girl show some personality as well as her boobs. you rock xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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