Husbands, Prosecco & London Business Men


My birthday weekend has begun! Now, it’s not actually my birthday until Monday Dec 19th and i’ll turn thirty six. Yet since i’m off work and since life is pretty goddamn great, i might as well start early and embrace turning another year older with bells on my tinkers and tinkers of my…tits?

I’m currently blogging from The Prosecco Pit Stop in Doncaster. It’s a glamourous nibble and quick glass of ‘bubbles’ joint. It’s not only a ‘pop up’ in the Frenchgate Center, but it’s also one of my favoruite ‘pop ups’ going. I am here always. I mean, everyone adores a pit stop that serves a bit of bubbly, when you’re kitten heels are tired from shopping. This place is on of my absolute faves, so i couldn’t think of a more relaxing place. (Even though it is smack bang in the middle of lots of people traffic, open aired and where everyone can see me. 😉 )

I had a super Christmassy day at work yesterday. I’ve loved this year and although we’ve had our ups and downs, there’s been a bond. I mean, we’ve worked hard and any time you can sit in a work place and reflect over the year with laughter, wish you had wine and see how far you’ve grown, you know that you’re not only an amazing team, but you are also closer than you thought.

I got narked off, in a happy Christmassy manner, because everyone around me seemed to be headed for BIG CHANGES! ‘Double B’ (who cracks me up madly, she’s like a bubble of bimbo dipped in a giddy sasserilla. There’s no common sense running through her glitter bones, yet she is the most loving and hilarious human you will ever meet.) Anyway, ‘Double B’ is moving into her new posh house, with her boyfriend of 2 years. (She also wants to buy one of our colleagues HAM for Christmas because she remembers how much loves it. Lol. See! Her heart is in the right place. Yet, her sense of thought is absolutely and hilariously warped. Lol.) 

‘The Mighty’ is having an ENTIRE HUMAN. The human is living in her womb as we speak and is certainly not paying rent. That’s big things! But i’m excited for her, as being a Mum for the second time is always and i shouldn’t really say this…MORE rewarding, when you’ve been a working mum. I don’t know why? It just is!

‘My blog sends her to sleep’ Blondie, is headed for retirement. She’s one of those who can never retire because she has such a passion for what she does. (And goes to sleep after reading my blog. Lol.) But she has a giant long rest coming, a ‘holiday’ of retirement!

It kinda left ‘Hot Sarah’ and Myself just looking at one another all puzzled, with an orange material desk divider separating ourselves from one another.


(I obviously find it hard to express myself. Lol.)

And everything that they had all began with ‘H.’

House, Human…Holiday.

So they decided amongst themselves that I would find a ‘HUSBAND’ AND ‘Hot Sarah’ would have ‘Heaps of Money.’

How come she got ‘Heaps of MONEY’ and i got ‘Husband.’ Lol. That’s fucked up! Hahaha.

I’ve lost hope when it comes to finding a husband. I don’t expect to and i’m happy…and i have all this new career stuff going on that i’m finding this ‘love thang’ hard. But i’m open to it. I just need to find the correct ‘fit.’ (That sounds rude. 🙂 )

The Retiring blond told me that what i might believe a husband IS…ISN’T and although i never listen, I always listen to those who are older and wiser. So i’ll agree. Yet, i think different humans, go through different circumstances and in the end, wish for different things. I would like a partner that i build an empire with, as i’m an ambitious and creative girl.They need to be also. I think i’d enjoy it more if they were similar to that motif. Lol. I don’t expect to find a ‘best friend’ like she did in her lovely husband who she met when she was 17. She’s now sixty something. I KNOW! AMAZING! 

I won’t have that. I’ll not find that. But i’ll find love in a different way. That’s the great thing about love…it’s always different, not always pure, but always an adventure for me. I’d like to find the man of my dreams, a best friend, my Mr.Right. I’m just a difficult human to date. But i have boobs. 🙂 (Please form a queue.)

I have lots going on over the next few days, filled with birthday, family, friends, cocktails, nights and lunches out. I’m all over. I’m doing Doncaster, Pontefract, Leeds and Manchester. I’m celebrating my world and my ‘another year older’ like a champion and I can’t wait!

I’m at Gino D’Acampo’s new restuarant tomorrow afternoon for lunch! I have all sorts going on from that point, so it’s a good time to come and be part of, as i’ll be drunk for most of it….Meaning that i’ll be all chatty and loving and you’ll end up on this blog. So come cross life paths. Be a part of my world. The written word reality show of drama.

Right now, i’m off to Cosmo’s with Ruby for lunch and I’ve just recieved a Whatsapp message from ‘London Business Man’ wishing me a Happy Birthday and reading,

‘Kinda miss you…just saying. xxx’














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