Humble pie

Just because you PRETEND to be humble, doesn’t mean that you ARE humble. I’ve said this lots, to a whole bunch of my strapping young lovelies, who when given a compliment, say ‘Ah, it was nothing.’ How deliciously BIG HEADED!! Only a ego maniac, (and we all know i am one, so i can say this,) would state that such magnificent achievement is something that comes so simply, almost as easy as doing ‘nothing!!’ (hahaha) Yet, then rub in the fact that, it’s probably something, that YOU (my poor souls) will have to try your very hardest to even nearly achieve! So yes, people, you have to beware of those ‘evil’s’ who utter the words, ‘Ah, it was nothing/ Nooo…i’m not THAT good looking/Don’t be stupid, i’m rubbish at it,’ because after they’ve said it to you, they turn around to me and say, ‘What at you looking at me like that for Chrissie? I’m just trying to be humble!’ (hahah) Humility is something that the insecure, or the unthruth tellers possess. It’s either in you, or it ain’t, and if it ‘ain’t’ then buy me a drink, whilst wallowing in your pool of maginificence!!

There is nothing wrong with someone, infact i much prefer someone, who just claims utter GREATNESS!! (Provided you have the Greatness to back it up, however really it doesn’t matter if you don’t, as i’ve also heard the ‘fake it, til you make it’ term- that i’m definitely not a fan of, as it would have saved me a lot of pointless, ‘i swear i’ll put you in a movie’ shags!) If people ask me:

‘What’s it’s like being a sex symbol??’ I simply respond with a polite….’ AWESOME!!’

What do you hope to achieve? (‘Everything!!‘)

Do you think you’re better than most people? (‘Pretty much…YES!!’)

 Why is it so Great being you? (You get things for free.)

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  1. u confuesed me on this pblog chrissie i thought being humble was being on the level and grounded like ricky hatton he is what iwould call humble. while mayweather is brash. but what do i know babe how are u though me old china i hope u are cushtie


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