Give me that one leg

Just got off the phone with my ‘Latin lover’ who seems to be fixing the pieces of his previously broken life together, quite nicely!! I guess without us even realising, we’ve worked as a team, and bundled our energy into making our individual dreams come true. I’m very happy, and SO proud. (yeah baby)! I don’t know what we did, how we did…but we did…and we did it right. Thank God too, as it was beginning to get a little messy. Sleeping in the trunk of Ford taurus’s that get sold to  he/she prostitutes is never any fun!! We’ve come a very looooooooooooong way!! Dreams come true bitches!! Take one foot forward, and the other one seems to follw. (well obviously not if you’re a one legged man…) Wait, if you’re a ‘one legged’ (wink wink nudge nudge) man, and ya ‘leg’ is in the right place…call me….like NOW!! Oh shit, i literally got so excited, i dribbled on my laptop…soooooooo gross!! hahahahahaha! I am ACE!!!

I’m currently sitting in bed, in just my knickers, as it’s boiling hot, looking down at my boobs, and wondering how Dr.Madhi, is going to squeeze these blobs of silicone into them, without hurting them??? I’m also noticing how tiny my boobs actually are!!! I should name them. I’m not actually nervous anymore. Infact, i’m actually not at all  nervous for the operation part, just more the being put to sleep, and wondering what abusive things are going to spew out of my mouth, before i pass out. I’ve heard people swear, tell their secrets, confess undying love, talk in tongues and basically make a complete toss pot of themselves. I’m very worried!! hahaha! Other than that i’m excited, yet nervous that they won’t be as BIG as i want them. That’s my BIGGEST worry!! I’m gonna be sooo pissed off, if they are not MASSIVE..and i do mean MASSIVE to my standards!! But whatever, one more day of fun to go, before i need to start fretting!! I’m sure you can tell that i’m TOTALLY fretting!! I keep questioning myself, rambling on and talking to my tiny boobs!! Oh lord please!!

So it’s early but i’m going to bed, as i’ve had a weekend of champagne. My life is wonderful, and i can’t believe how lucky i am….(shit it’s hot in here) i guess things really do come true if you want them too.

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