Hoping for the Big Time

The most commonly used term to currently describe me is ‘DOLL.’ Everyone i meet stops me and tells me i look like a Dolly…which i think is adorable, as it means i’ve come a long long way from being called ‘Slag.’ This is just a quick bloggage to keep you in tune with whats happening.

I just got a new Personal Manager, so this is the guy who will mentor me business wise and keep me out of trouble. I always find it sooo difficult to find the right manager forMe, because being the Kitty handful that i am, with an awfully ambitious streak, i need a GOOD one. Luckily after a giant hunt, i found a GREAT ONE. He’s a get the job done take no shit, lovely. American. Feisty and yeah in charge of my managing my career.

If you are wanting to book me for anything, or discuss business, life, ooh laa or whatever takes your delicious fancy…then please do contact my new home of work:

Manager: Troy Ciccone  at WEA     201.247.7813 (US number)


I guess the new thing i’m doing along with Reality TV, Writing, my cosmetics line…(that i’m super excited about) and appearing as ME places….is ACTING. Yep, i’m gonna have another jolly good go at it…but kinda back in Hollywood. I love you all. Godda go mischief now xx

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  1. I’d say your manager would have his hands full, “keeping you out of trouble,” but for all your shenanigans, you don’t really seem to GET INTO trouble. 🙂


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