Hopeless Romantic

So i almost cried to myself to sleep last night. I was so bored, so lonely and just felt ‘feddupamuffins.’ I haven’t been out for drinks and good times in days now, or had the company of a snuggly boy, and it’s really starting to knaw away at my ‘being.’ Instead, i tucked myself into my fluffy bed (ALONE,) started to read a book called ‘Love Letters of Great Men.’ (Why do i do this to myself?) And then tried to get some sleep out of boredom, to this sort of random black plasticy alarm clock i have, that makes the sound of gushing waves, chirping birds, or wind, depending on your mood. And that’s ‘wind’ as in breezes through the trees, and not as in giant farty ‘trumps.’ (Last night was far too boring for anything fun like farty trumps to be happenning!) Just so you know, those alarm clocks are a bag of shite. I mean who wants to hear the sound of waves crashing, and dolphins swimming around them, when they’re trying to get to sleep? If that was actually happenning, you’d want to RUN for my fucking GODDAMN life…yet kind of couldn’t as you’d be helplessly drowning in oceans. Plus, the ‘crashing waves,’ starts to sound like ‘static’ after 4 minutes, due to shoddy craftsmanship. Which creeps me out. There’s me reading ‘Love Letters of Great Men’ to fucking static. Says it all really!

‘Love letters of Great Men’ is a wonderful book. It gives you hope and makes you weep. People don’t know that i’m actually a hopeless romantic, with me having the old ‘Vixen’ side. The Vixen part of me, is the sexy strength that lies within, ( the ‘Oooh laa’) the ‘Love’ part is the Chrissie Wunna that spoons you at night and just wants a cuddle…(she whispers sweet nothings.) I’m both and very passionate. It’s funny how a declaration of love is now done ever so unromantically via a text message, an IM or through a social networking site. It’s so impassionate, and drives me insane. I guess people have grown less romantic and more cynical. Men (back in the day) were far less self concious. Whereas a boy today, would fear rejetcion or fear getting mocked for being an ‘out in the open’ romantic, or really feel he was not worth of such an emotion? The way our world works now, has made people lose faith in ‘Love’ and more importantly (note: to anyone who potentially wants to be my other half) the ‘Art of Expression.’

I am extrememly expressive. Good or bad…you’re hearing it and we all know that, especially from the BBF house. It got me into trouble all the time, and made Carrie cry over and over again. If i love with you, i’ll shout it from the moutain tops!! If i hate you, i will tell it to your grubby little face (and a bit behind your back. Hahha.)  But i’m not scared to have an opinion, and i’m not scared to say whatever i want, whenever i want and to anyone i so wish. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not RUDE. I do it with a smile on my face. I just feel as though my word is of worth. People are always labelling me as ‘controversial‘ for simply speaking my mind, saying what i believe to be true, for having a bit of an opinion…which CRACKS  me UP! They ask me for my opinion, and then when it’s delivered, they yell at me for having one! LOL. You’re all CRACKERS!! Saying that i do play up to my controversial side, and create as many annoyingly uncomfortable moments as possible. But that’s because i’m a sick bitch of a nuisance who gets off on causing trouble..which leads to the all mighty ATTENTION. Rejoice!! I’m a whore and you know it!

Oh and just so you know, FACEBOOK have disabled my account due to someone reporting one of my pictures. YOU BASTARD! The last time this happened, my FACE was apparently inappropriate and racist??? Luckily this happens all the time,  (i’m used to being warned, yelled at, fired and having accounts disabled) so it’s just a normal Friday morning stroll in Wunna Land. I’ve been ever so polite to the Facebook Team and sent them the most evil of emails, so in a quick jiffy my account should be back up and a running. But it may take a couple days though. However, in a way it’s good, as i’ll be able to see if i really can live without Facebook. It’s hard being a Cyberlebrity without having full access into Cyberland. DENIED from my own World!! It’s like being a footballer- yet with not a single ball.

C-ya Slags

Chrissie Wunna

11 thoughts on “Hopeless Romantic”

  1. it is the getting mugged by your pals wich stops geezas being openly romantic. if u are on your phone to much to your bird u are a love dog or if u blow your pals out for a lady u are on the missing. u will find someone who feels all your needs chrissie coz u are a diamond and the queen of greatness and most geezers get soppy if they realy like the bird and all

  2. I’m not trying to cause a stir, but I’m genuinely interested in whether you actually believe all the ridiculous stuff you come out with?! All this stuff about being a celebrity when you’re clearly not, and that a film about your life is going to be made, that a major record label offered you a contract etc etc. It’s all just so absurd!! Such a bizarre blog which essentially just bangs on about how great you think you are, intriguing.

  3. She believes in herself?
    She’s been on British Reality TV, henceforth that makes her a celebrity, even if it isn’t a MAJOR one.
    And she has obviously made an impact on YOUR life, because you’ve taken the time to comment on one of her blog posts.
    Mwah xoxo

  4. I have no problem with her believing in herself or anything like that, I’m not here to be horrible. I just seriously can’t tell if all the comments she makes are for real or not, it seems impossible that someone can spend all day writing about how great they think they are but seem so insecure at the same time. It’s just such a weird blog!

    All well and good to be on reality tv, but that really does not make you a celebrity.

  5. My blog is the story of my life. Sometimes i feel like i’m the Greatest thing in this world and other times i feel insecure. I document my every thought, no matter how i feel. Thats the whole point!!
    It’s meant to be weird…(should i add a ‘You twat’ in there?) Bottom line, it’s my twisted sense of humour you don’t get. Sometimes i don’t get it either! LOL (Don’t get ya knickers in a twist jeff.) Just like everyone else, i’m trying to do the best i can in this little thing called ‘Life.’ (Please add an appropriate amount of swearing to this comment!!)


  6. Whatever people think or beleive, this girl will go very far…her blog’s more interesting than most books in book stores, and can she relate to the celebrity world and become successful in it? you bet she can! What i like about chrissie is her confidence and being real. She’s been on a reality TV and auditions for others, what have u done haters?..tell us some lies

  7. to right babe u are a fucking ledgend fuck peoiple who want to knock u what are they doing u so u keep your head up keep being real and the diamond u are treacle


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