Hope, Dreams, Babies and Do Gooding


Home today, looking after a poorly Baby Junior. He’s just a bit fluey due to a delightful combination of rainy weather, growing teeth and all around Man Flu. However, he’s still smiling inbetween sneezes and wheezes, meaning Mummy cuddles surely do make all the difference. Rubes is upset because she is sure that he’s skiving off nursery on purpose. Lol. She handled teething like a champion. But girls do. We apparently have higher pain thresholds. Junior however is taking it with doughy sad eyes and a body that is begging for non stop ‘love me, love me’ cuddles. I can’t resist. I through work out the window and demanded that he didn’t go to nursery,just so I could care for him. Lol.

He was sooo poorly this morning, he even had an accidental kip in my bed.

And well…even though Rubes is the Ultimate DIVA. (It can’t be helped. I’m the one raising her.) One of the amazing things about my daughter is that she is the most loving and caring soul you’ll ever meet. If someone she loves is upset or in pain, she’ll always offer affection in order to make them better. She’s a Pisces…they’re apparently like that. Junior’s a Gemini, so when he grows up he’ll apparent swizzle the old charm. Keiran’s an Aries, but has a Pisces rising, meaning that he’s all fiery sign of He-Man, yet drenched with emotional sensitivity. I’m a Sagittarius, with a Leo rising. I’m all fire-fire also, but with a feisty. jolly, fun loving, STUBBORN flair. I was fortunate to be born under lucky stars. So in our little family we have a water sign, an air sign and two fires…all we need now is an earth sign and we balance out the elements. Like ‘The Wunnas’ do. We’ve always said that we work well together, because we represent each one of the elements. My Mums and earth sign, my Dad’s an air, my brother is a water sign and i’m all fire baby. Hence, the ‘drama’ of the family.

So yeah, my day has been good. It’s been fulfilling. Caring for your brood brings out the best in you when you’re a woman, doesn’t it!

For the first time in a long time i’ve managed to watch ‘This Morning.’ Their topic of the day was about Men and how 1 in 4 men are apparently influenced by their male friends, when it comes to divorce. We all knew that. It’s only because they think the single man is having a far more funner time…because the single man has pretended that he is having a far more funner, single time. Men learn things the hard way. Women aren’t so silly to fall for such shenanigans. So once good men have made their mistakes and realized that their friends maybe aren’t having that much fun after all and that eating beans on toast or pizza for tea every night, Β isn’t all that great…let alone having to do your own washing. They come back. Now, of course i’m not referring to all men, as I’m hoping that most of you aren’t that weak and actually know your own minds.

I’m a kitty who is able to size a person up as soon as i meet them. I don’t know how I can do it, but I reckon Hollywood taught me that. I’m a good judge of character. A VERY good judge of character and I can do it FAST.You’ll be beginning your sentence and by that time i would’ve scanned your entire being, mannerisms, learnt your history through your eyes and watched how you present yourself to me. Faster than you can say ‘nipple tassle.’ I can see love, I can see pain, i can see honesty, normality and fakeness. AND I can do it all under an image of ‘Bimbo.’ Yeeah baby!

Back to the ‘This Morning’ topic. Women apparently never listen to their friends when it comes to divorce. That to is true. We know what we want always and hardly ever pretend to feel great, if we feel shit. πŸ™‚ If we love a man, we love him and no amount of wine or girly gossip can change that. If we don’t…we will always see the bad in him. It’s easy for us. However, if you are a guy, you should NEVER underestimate a woman’s ability to find something out. Women talk and they just can’ t help themselves. I’ve had girls that I have never even met tell me things via the joys of social media in the past, because they’ve just felt that they’ve had to and all I had to do is promise not to tell. Lol. Relationships shouldn’t be that hard, if you’re going through a hard time, all you have to do is stop the ‘hard’ part of the time (not what I meant) and think with a more positive and loving attitude.

Okay, so yesterday I donated a bunch of clothing to the Salvation Army because I think that i don’t do enough good throughout the year for others. If you’re like me, we should change it. I’ve decided. πŸ™‚ Especially because it’s nearly Christmas…a time of warmth, merriment..and Baileys. If you can’t commit to being a ‘do gooder’ now, then there’s no hope for you. So, join me as I commit to doing one good deed a day and it can be anything, provided it is something that has, or could make another person smile.

I’m also doing this whole ‘being productive’ thing. We all have goals and dreams. We all talk and wish for all these goals and dreams to trot along and bless us with happiness. Yet are we doing enough? I’ve decided no. I think most people have got lazier. Not all people…but most. We’ve either giving in, gotten far too comfy in our normal boots or just aren’t pushing ourselves to succeed. Therefore i’ve decided (and this was before I ate dodgy fish that has made me feel sick,) to do one productive thing a day. Concentrate on only doing one because if you do more it’s a bonus. Lol. It again doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something that aids your progression, development…makes your dreams come true…or just lifts a burden that you had hanging over you…like a bill payment or something else you’ve delightfully never got around to doing out of fear or laziness. Do it. That’s how you get ahead…Leave the lazies and dreamers behind and turn your dreams into a reality.

Be a product of your imagination and not a product of your environment.

God, i’m being super preachy today. Must be old age. Or the dodgy fish. It’s sent weird signals of wisdom to my brain in a giant Omega something rush. πŸ˜‰

Have a great Friday, love the people that you’re meant to love and totally do it in jumpers and heels. So into warm tops with heels right now. (Shit, I forgot to buy more coconut water. Love the stuff. But it’s one of those things that everyone healthy is demanding that you do, due to great PR! ‘Drink more coconut water, it’s natural and will make you live longer and lose weight.’ Years from now they’ll be saying ‘oh shit, it’s cancerous.’)

If you do anything today, aside from one act of kindness and one act of productivity….celebrate being YOU and your future success! Have 20 wines in the name of Miss.Wunna. (Yes, I know I’m a Thompson now. ) And make all the right changes to line up a better future. The good thing is that no matter who you are or where you reading this in the world…you all know what you’ve done wrong..so change it.

Happy futures everyone!

Glamour Pussy out!

Ps/ I’ve got to make buns with Ruby this evening because she fell asleep on me last night. I Tweeted a picture. I mean, I must make a damn good baby bottle because both pieces of loin fruit knocked right out mid-sup. Rubes is actually devastated that I purchased a pre-mixed bun baking kit, instead of the proper ‘from scratch’ ingredients. πŸ™‚ Who does she think I am!!! Betty Crocker. We’re talking Wunna land here. Buns, smuns. Pre-mix is the new modern approach to baking. πŸ™‚ I’m going with the times.





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