Holy McMoly!!!!

Worked for a little bit this morning doing book writing and conference calls to LA about a movie, with my agent. Got some really nice messages this morning too, so thankyou for that! Then i decided i needed to shop, to let off some steam and well just be a ‘girl.’ I prefer to shop alone. Infact if you’ve ever been shopping with me, (or near shops) you’ll notice that i’ll never buy anything infront of you. I can never shop with people…apart from my Mum. I’m not sure why? I just need my ‘personal’ (yeah i know that’s weird) space. lol

Anyway, i venture on to Meadowhall, in my all new ‘Classy’ Chrissie get up (which i’m loving a great deal more) and bought myself more than i should have. Hurrah! I only needed a bronzer. I ended up coming back, with the whole of a MAC stand, a Dior bag, a couple of dresses, some pink shoes, a watch (i’m not a time keeper), a scent and a pair of skinny jeans. Okay, if you know me, you’ll know that ‘Skinny jeans’ and I aren’t friends…AT ALL. I can never fit into them, and well they sort of hate me. But i’ve lost a bit of weight just recently, and oddly they really wanted to talk to me today. So i opened my cold heart to a jolly old pair from a department store and i think i’ll just look at them, and never ever wear them. I’m quite ‘boobie/hippy’ therefore, i just look all kinds of wrong in them. But they told me that they loved me….so i’m gonna trust them this time. (lol) Hold me…

So i was all ‘classy classy’ today. In black pencil skirt, heels, top and pearls (Dior bag) and i’m rummaging around the lanes with a latte in my hand. I stop to look at a toddler who’s being a ‘street dancer’ around me, only to look up to the sound of a boy, expressing the words ‘HOLY F****** Shit!!’ (Do it in your best American accent.)

I stop, i pause and my eyes must have fucking decieved me!!! I know if i hear swearing around me…it’s usually at me, so i’m always worried. ‘Jason the waiter’ was standing right infront of me!! Okay some of you might know who i’m on about, because i blogged about him once or twice. But he’s a boy i met in LA years ago, originally from West Virgina (where they sleep with their sisters) who was a waiter in an LA mexican restuarant called ‘Mexicali.’ Bottom line…we never dated, (even though he did once find my car and place his number in my windscreen) but he hurt me, because he chose another girl over me…who unfortunately ended up cheating on him about 27 times with all of his friends and stealing from him. Bad choice, even if i do say so myself. She looked all innocent too. It’s always the quiet ones boys!!

I’m not going over the story again, but i drank a whole pitcher of margarita, through a yellow straw, ( to ease my pain)  jumped on a moving car, (bare in mind i was young, i could never do that now…my bones would break and i’d be too scared), a car that he was driving, security came and well ( I passed out in my own sick inside my own car), woke up to the noise of someone looking into my window saying ‘Is she dead,’ only to feel completely fine again, wipe my mouth and drive back home safely..in the day.

He was standing infront of me…in Sheffield! How fucking RANDOM!!! I didn’t even know what to say, but ‘hey‘..he added a ‘You look beautiful.’ I just politely uttered a ‘Thankyou.’ Then there was an awkward pause, followed by a giant fit of laughter!! (Hahaha..) We used to absolutely dislike each other, after a difficult period, but it’s funny how time heals hurt and you can see someone in an alternate light, after a break from them. We just talked about the past, LA. He said he had followed my work & always knew i’d do well. I asked him if he was still a waiter. He’s an actor now, and working in England for a little bit. It was just a trip. How fucking RANDOM!!!

But anyway i didn’t dwell on it because he’s funny, but he’s not that funny. So i shook his hand, wished him the best and strutted on my way. But it was a bizarre little meeting right! It’s a small small world! Then i got sushi, a massage and got the train back home…which is where i’m at now. I’m in shock! Bloody hell! ‘Jason the waiter‘ from LA, infront of my face…. in Sheffield!!!  He’ll never learn…

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