Ho! Ho! Hoe!

HAPPY DECEMEBER my yummy winks of an eye! I’m thoroughly excited. Filled to the brimmage with love for all things Christmassy and warm. I’m dressed in red. I have a left eye infection, (Woohoo!) and i’m about to trundle my way through a heavy blanket of snow, in order to get to a Mercedes that will travel me to work. I’ve decided to be a Glamour Puss through the snow, because like i always say the ‘white’ of it makes my tan look delicious! (Bob Monkhouse eat ya heart out!)

I am in a rush..so i’m gonna have to keep it sugary short. I have a long work day and even though i may look like a ‘Business Barbie’ beauty Queen…i seem to smell like pork dumplings! I’ve actually had to Febreeze myself. Only Gypos commit such foolery. Air freshing yourself is only acceptable when you are about to attempt the ‘Walk of shame.’

I’m feeling lovely. I’m positive that the day will be dipped in a candy cane glow of glory. It’s finally MY MONTH and Crimbo is officially here!

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