Highlights are for skanks???

Great Day!! Great weather!! It’s like Florida heat…but in Yorkshire!! I’m a lady of leisure…so i shopped! Saw T-Mobile totty today!! It’s quite rare to actually come across a male who is actual soooo gorgeous, as in ‘Universally’ good looking (i’ll explain later, well i’ll just do it now…good looking to everyone in the whole entire universe), in Yorkshire (Doncaster,) but yes, he was ‘LA model’ stunning… infact beautiful enough to date me (she sniggers, but not really, as she’s an ego maniac.) I didn’t go up to him, or talk to him or anything…as i am currently, ‘Taken’ (boo-hoo), but i had a good look…i swooned, and imagined us together, for 2 seconds, then i was over it! I know nothing about him except he’s DEFINITELY not from Yorkshire, he’s dreamy dreamy hot HOT and we have the same telephone network provider!!!

Other than that, i had the best baked potatoe in the world ever today. I can’t decide if i was just starving, or it really was the best ‘jacket tatty,’ (if u r an american…that’s ‘baked potatoe,’ in the world…EVER!! I bought everything my eyes took a fancy too (apart from that hot t-mobile boy,) my feet ached due to wonderful shoes and i ended up having to buy flip flops mid-shop, in order to walk without feeling like i wanted to kill myself or the person who invented shoes??? Bastard!! I toyed with the idea of having highlights, then i got over that fast too, as girls with bad highlights look like skanks. Oh and an angry Doncaster cabbie, reversed all the way back down a busy street, almost knocking me over… huffing and puffing, swearing and daring…. just so he could tell a 73yr old man, who had yelled at him for driving too fast,  to ‘Fuck off,’ and ‘fight’ him. Impeccable manners!! It must be shit to be HIS wife!! More importantly, if there are hot people on the road, DON’T FUCKING run them over!! You can’t kill off the beautiful!! That’s like major time in HELL!! Oh yeah, and i got a ‘myspace message’ from someone telling me they hadn’t had sex in 7 months, and it’s ‘rubbish being ugly.’ God, it’s a warm night!!

In 10 days i’m going to my Boobie consultation, i have a zit on my face, and whilst my parents fight over a ‘Myspace’ incident…i am gonna get ready for beauty sleep!! Love you mucho bitches!!

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