I’ve smashed my PHONE! UGH! And I didn’t even flipping smash it a sexy way! It didn’t get flung out of my kitten hand whilst I was guzzling champagne out of a Bentley window, with my driver, crew of groupies and hip hop party music. No. I was in my pyjamas, (still in my diamantes) but bundling up 4 baby bottles, a handful of nappies, a muslin clothed bib, an outfit change for Ruby in the morning and then…my phone…off the kitchen counter. In a moment of ‘I can do it all myself’ and having no help, I dropped my phone/ Thinking nothing of it, I simply ‘Huff’ a little, bend down to pick it up, with Keiran by my left, holding Junior in a cradle. I look at the screen and it’s ALL FRICKING SMASHED! GUTTED! Things like that don’t happen to me. I’m far to careful with material objects! It’s the emotional ones I destroy! Jesus! So my screen smashed and i’m devastated.

I did what any glamour puss would do in such a situation and when they have a victim…Oops, I mean husband 🙂 stood next to them…I took it out of Keiran, told him to go away, stomped off in a ‘Dolly’ huffy, moaned and went to bed without even uttering a single lovely bedtime word to him. Then Junior didn’t sleep all night due to his ijections yesterday…poor thing. Keiran pranced around the treatment room shouting, ‘You’re a WARRIOR. You’re a WARRIOR!’ But my poor little sonny jim wasn’t. He was just a normal little baby boy, who has been jabbed in his legs for the good of his health. He whimpered. He cried. He needed a cuddle. Awww! He’s been in pain ever since. But in a couple of days, he’ll be over it.


(The Doctors waiting room. I never quite understood why Doctors always put fake foliage in their waiting rooms. It doesn’t feel like a garden. It feels like ‘limbo,’ the place between Heaven and Hell, where you wait to see which way you’re going. My Dad had surgeries. They never once had a fake tree in them due to his Wunna girls rearranging the life out of them.)

But yes, enough of all that, I have a very happy daughter. Having Keiran back has made her world complete. She’s gone back to her routine. She’s loving life. She’s wearing party dressed to nursery, sleeping through the night, giggling in her bath tub and smiling from ear to ear. She’s back and being a mum, you live for that smile.

Even though I was grizzly with Keiran last night, he sprung up without a single moan and this HE did the morning kiddy prep. He sorted out Junior, changed Ruby, fed them, watered them, cleaned them, loved them, didn’t put on CBeebies, but placed on dance music :), MADE ME A COFFEE and tried his absolute best to pull his weight and take the situation by the reins and in his control. I was impressed because I usually do it. He’s been moany over the last few days, with an ‘I’m ill, i’m sick.’ It got him out of a lot of household duties…like nappy changing and newborn night shifts. Now i think eh could’ve just been saying it TO get out of it all. So, i’m happy now that he’s snapped out of it, and even though he feels dodgy, just getting on with it, because that’s what a man should do and they should so it with a smile and an ‘I’m you’re hero’ heart.

I’m up, I joined in on the nursery run and now we’re home chilling, I’m organizing meetings, he’s working from home, i’m needing to sort of social time and the kids are at nursery.I need good emails today and to hear good news. I’m gonna buckle down now and really get to saving, working hard and muscling in those future millions. (Shit, I still haven’t done the inbox blog! I’ll do it tomorrow.) Oh I think I know what y anniversary surprise is. It suddenly dawned on me last night when I over heard him trying to organize the kiddies and the caring of them, as he surprise sweeps me away somewhere special. I never like the kiddies staying over places, because I miss them and well you can’t place a newborn and two year old with people for the night, it’s not an easy job and I’d feel bad for doing do. Men don’t do though. 🙂 We’re going for two days, so it must be a hotel. It’s somewhere special…so it must be the place we got married. We’ll see if i’m right. I do adore romance. He’s good at all this.

ANYWAY…TODAY IS YORKSHIRE DAY! Hurrah! Bacon Butties and a cuppa tea for everyone!

If you’re from Yorkshire be proud. 🙂 If you’re not, BE YORKSHIRE for the day and well grab ya farmers flat cap, ya warm beer, ya chip butty and smear it in gravy! Say ‘you don’t get owt for nowt‘ on repeat, tell people that ‘ya off darn t’pub‘ and only do it for a day, because after that day, hopefully you’ll reform and turn back into an actual decent human being again. 🙂

I’m Yorkshire born and raised. I love it. So I hope you do toooooo!

Here’s a little sing song for you, that used to guide me through my nursery run drive each  morning. We have Hirsty at Captial radio to thank for it…so ENJOY!



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