He’s Behind You…

It’s 1.17am. I’m laid in the dark, reading through a script about a prostitute (on my phone) & reading a scene from ‘Kramer vs Kramer, (that I have as ‘sides.’) There’s a tortoise casually walking around the room, with red tinsel loosely draped upon his shell. I’m thirsty. Really thirsty. Oh & Junior’s fast asleep in my bed….dressed as a Christmas elf. 

I’m also looking over an audition i have on Tuesday…it’s a ‘Presenters’ role in Leeds. I’m excited for it! You can sometimes get properly immersed in roles, when you’re an actor. It’s wonderful, yet intense. That’s why it’s kinda great to just ‘snap out of it’ for a second, get to being yourself & ‘Present’ a little something…as YOU. Just so madness doesn’t come & get you. Lol. Everything else comes to get me, so I might as well try and fudge ‘madness.’ Fudge? I meant ‘DODGE!’ Haha.

I’m meant to be headed to Manchester later today, yet now I’ve been called in for a last minute afternoon audition, which I really NEED to get to. So I’ll have to either reschedule Manchester or Self-Tape for them, to see if they’re still interested in me for the role. I’m also excited to be organising wardrobe and travel with the film I just booked. 

Then Saturday morning, I have a Coronation Street ‘Casting Workshop,’ with Ian Bevitt (the Director.) Everything feels so busy..but it’s delightful! 

Obviously there’s a mountain load of stress going on in my personal life. It’s almost like a ‘Domino effect’ now. I’m winning. Yet it’s deeply annoying. I feel like I’m constantly needing a miracle! (Probably why I’m laid awake in bed. Lol.) However, I’m just keeping everything crossed & focusing on the positive. I’m really lucky. I have so much to be grateful for.

That may sound a little ‘rosy tinted,’ or ‘hidey.’ But it’s not. It’s smart. I promise you. 

The more you think or ‘turn over’ the negative…You drag it into your ‘happy’ place and give it life. You give it unnecessary ‘energy.’ Don’t do that! It’s a really bad habit to adopt.

On a lighter note…

I’m also looking forward to Panto season…because i didn’t ‘book’ a Panto! Haha. 

OH MY GOSH!!! Everyone I know, has booked a Panto, but me. Yet, they all seem to HATE Panto…BUT ME!

It’s hilarious.

So I’m gonna take the kids and go watch EVERY SINGLE one of them, wallop out a bit of ‘HE’S BEHIND YOU!!’

I’m actually in creases because my actor friend Danny, (he’s in a Panto this year,)  has to play THREE CHARACTERS in one show!!! Lol. (He’s actually a really great actor, that’s why I find it hilarious.) 

Me: ‘How d’ya play all three at once?’

Danny: ‘I’m Lord Chamberlain in the first half…an Innkeeper for one scene in the second half…and a witch for the rest.’ 

Me: ‘….a witch for the rest?’

(It tickled me. I don’t even know why? I mean, I’ve once played a yellow bird, in a banana tree…I was only 8…But it counts.) 

But SEE!!! If a Panto hired ME, then people wouldn’t have to play 99 roles at once!

Danny: ‘You’re too expensive now you’re a film star…lol.’

(Everyone’s happy for me, yet MUST take the piss…like I’m toooo ‘Hollywood’ now for a cheery Panto. I’m SO CHEERY!!!!!! Ffs! LOOK AT ME! I’m cheery as fuck!!!) 

Me: ‘They can afford INNKEEPER for ONE scene! All is have to do is walk on, shout YOU CAN’T STAY HERE and leave! Haha.’ 

Like I said on my Insta story! I could’ve played ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Snow White.’

Gina: ‘You’re Asian.’

Me: ‘Lol! SO! That’s not BAMEof you!’

I mean, how HARD could it BE to just happily skip around a stage, with a bunch of dwarves? I’ve been in much worse situations. 

Gina: ‘The dwarves’d piss you off and you’d start getting angry. There might even end up only being 3 dwarves, by the time you’ve finished with them! They might even make you PLAY a dwarf…in the end. You’re too feature film and on tvnow! Lol. Let’s face it. You’re not made for springing across a stage in….Barnsley or whatever stage it is…lol…. for the joy of kids…& no decent dosh…’

Me: ‘I don’t care about the dosh, if it’s a good script, Director or production. I’ll send them a Self Tape!’

Gina: ‘People don’t self tape for Panto, you idiot!! Lol. Only tv & film actors do that! And…good script? I’m dead! Lol’

Me: ‘Why is no-one putting me in their Panto???? I’d seriously love it! My kids would love it!’ 

Gina: ‘Why is no-one putting me IN THEIR FILM!?!?!? I’d seriously love it!! *He’s behind you* probably means a whole different thing to you, Wunna! Haha!!!’

I’m freezing! It’s cold. But I’m alright! I have a busy day.

Happy Friday!

I love you!

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