Herpes please

Vodka is sheer proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! She’s an awesome bitch! We praise her! Anyway, now i’ve got all the pleasantries out the way, i just want to tell you that i had a pretty awesome day! Hope you did too? I’m currently watching , ‘X-Factor’ and reading a random newspaper. ‘Gary Glitter’ claims it’s unfair that he’s having to register as a sex offender. I’m not being pinickety or anything, but some might say that it’s a little unfair that he stuck his dirty glitter fingers up numerous 7 year olds, of the Oriental variety. You’re not a Glam rockstar anymore, love! You’re just a 60 year old, pervy Santa Claus Look-a-like! I say lock him up, and THROW AWAY the key!!! (That’s AFTER shoving prickly pears up his rear entrance…three cheers!) I’m also seeing that for the bargain price of £299, you can fly to New York, for a wee bit (use to reside there, i think it’s shit…bad memories) and have the jolliest of times, OR (after they’ve marked down destinations like, Rome, Barcelona, and Thailand…you can go to the tropical and exotic climates of Harrogate, (Yorkshire) and spend a miserable one night in their top hotel for £230. What is this world coming too? The fact that it’s cheaper to fly to NYC, than it is to get drunk and end up in a ONE NIGHT hotel stay, in rainy Harrogate, with some boy who believes that ‘beauty lies in the hand of the BEERholder,’ and probably has a round of herpes ready for you…is quite astounding! Don’t you just love life!! The prices in England are through the roof.

Nothing else to report really, except i got stared at a lot today, and have 6 bags of new clothes, and was stopped by a man with a bacon butty who asked me if i was a ‘film star??’ I ofcourse just said, ‘YES!!’ I gossiped behind a green hospital curtain, all boobs out and stuff, with my ‘Piggy,’ and my ‘Munchkin from Munchkin land,’ the great thing about hospital wards is that if you get sick of someone, you can just ‘curtain draw’ them out of your space. (hahaha) I LOVE it…and look like a mermaid! Kisses

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  1. i hate gary gliter they sould of killed the cunt or make him stay in the bangkok hilton wich is there big prison wich is well naughty. but now he is over here people should be allowed to line up and cut the cunt. if i ever see him i am putting a pint glass straight in his mui. vodka is the bollox but scotch and brandy is better. how funny is this stage of the x factor. yes it is double dear to say nywhere in england that is why i a love thialnd and i ave paid for me flight and 3 nights at the mgm for 700 bar wich is good. i would rather have a english larger laut than any forigner chrissie


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