Here Kitty Kitty

I totally sound ‘draggy’ today. You can take that either way, whether it like i’ve been ‘dragged up’ or like a big old ‘Drag Queen.’ Having that needle jabbed into my throat, has made my neck lump shrink a bit, but the soreness from it is rather OOUCHY. I only have 2 weeks before my date with Mister Doctor, who will plonk out is whopper and do it all OVER  again! EEk! Its fine, it’s not hurting. It’s just making me sound a bit like a man. I mean at least I can’t feel everything i swallow now.

I’ve been working hard dolls. Yesterday’s meeting went so well, I was over the moon and when I say ‘over the moon’ I mean that kind of happy that makes you do a dance of chipperoo and maybe with an aired heel click. I’m feeling confident, soft and positive.

I’ve noticed that i’m actually a lot gentler than people regard me as being. My father reminded to not ‘act’ so feisty when it goes against the nature of what i ACTUALLY AM. If i’m just ME. I’m quite bunny loveable. But i’m still strong. Like bull. Next week  i’ll be able to briefly tell you what i’ve been going through. Yet i did the most positive thing with all that was occuring and that was to remain calm, dust myself off, look on the bright side, smile and immerse myself in love and work.

I’m grateful these days and it’s a good feeling.

I will tell you though that I am shot at videos. Luckily ‘Techy Graham’ aka Mr.Wires fixed my video problem, meaning I could resend my audition tape over. Then once that was all done and I was thankfully happy dancing, another producer emailed me saying the same. SO, I’ve had to call upon Mr, Wires once more to come to my rescue.I sort of feel bad as his delicious wife, who i can’t wait to spend the day with, is still recovering from her operation and there’s WUNNA tinkering in her ‘trying to heal’ life with random video issues. Lol.

The good thing is that after this one…it’s done. I did another audition this morning via Skype for something else..I’m trying to be as productive as possible this month and so i’m hoping it goes well. I’m half excited and half scared as apparently a lot of people have applied. yet when I audition to be on the ‘Hilton’ show…we went in 20 girls at a time. There were lots of girls there and we auditioned in the studio next to Jeremy Kyle. I got through that…so I can get through something else…if i’m right for it. Out of the 20 girls in my group the two girls that got picked for the next round were Sophie Reade and I. I saw her again at the final auditions. I got the job and she didn’t. BUT she then went on to WIN BIG BROTHER the following YEAR, which was so much better as she was £100,000 better off than moi! 🙂

So, you never know what life has in store for you.

The beauty line is exciting. I’m currently getting to grips with it all. I’m looking forward to setting up shop anf getting them to you as soon as i can. I’m actually in the mood for a bit of groom and pamper. I fancy a spray tan, a keep fit schedule, hair extensions. I’m embracing my inner kitten and we all need to as Ladies. Along with great strength comes great hair.:) Being physically pleasing does help when it comes to the art of La Femme. 🙂 Plus, it makes us feel divine.

(I’ve actually just had to do a pitch. Pitches scare me because i can never remember what i’m saying. I’m sort of just ‘saying,’ and hoping for the best. But I think i’ve done good enough. I now need to shoot for the range and get it all sorted. Excited!

I’m imagining my dream home and dream career and it now doesn’t seem that far away. January has been a productive month so far! It’s cheering me up no end. The first part to achieving is being able to see it. Once it can be seen, the smart move forward and work towards making that image a living reality. You can do it! We all can!

I mean I watched the Ronaldo documentary last night and not just because he’s fit, due to his talent…yet simply because I adore documentaries on successful people. I love seeing HOW they did it and where they began. He grew up in a little shack, that’s now even been bowled over. Look at him NOW!

Be inspired and make your dreams come true. The people that love you will always be there to love you. That’s how you know you have your true love. It’s the people that are still there after everything. Be encouraged by your own abilities and DO IT. The stories that your living right now will become humourous when you’re old and looking back on all that you had to do to make it. Get your ‘graft’ on, so to speak and excel! (Ugh, my body aches and I am always super dooper hungry!)

I’ve been hooked on Big Brother, but Lee’s no annoying me. He’s funny and charming and all that. Happy go lucky. But annoying. I think i’d like to see more of Sam Faiers and Ollie. We haven’t really seen much of them have we? Maybe Big Brother are saving them for what I call ‘The Winner’s Circle.’ It’s always the gobby ones that make the show but get voted off. But i’m tired of seeing Jasmine and Lee make out now. We get it. Casey’s pissed off. We get it. I actually feel awful for Casey. I want to give her a cuddle. Luisa is still annoying me. I feel like she tries to hard to be entertaining. But i guess if you dare, you might as well.

I need a big pamper, a big massage, a bit do glamour pussy ‘do over’ and working videos. Lol.

I’m doing well, i’m back on the work track and i hope to hurry up and get this eyelash line going.

Wunna! x

Love you.

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