Here Kitty Kitty

I’ve actually had a really delightful day today, to say that I managed to snag myself zero hours sleep, due to my very awake lil’ bambino. I enjoyed wine last night and kicked back glamourously after a long relaxing day with my family. Then rolled in the drama. I had the girl that though i was intent on stealing her ‘don’t know who he is’ husband on Facebook, call me a ‘slag in action.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no idea what happened? However I do know that he apparently told her that he knew me and we played ‘war games’ together? Lol. How marvellously imaginative. I mean he could’ve come up with something a bit dodgier than that right? If you’re gonna fib…go to town. Make it all corsets and glitter for crying out loud. I’m a Glamour Puss, not ….Hitler.

Anyway to little me, her hubby was simply a fan. Therefore i fought her harsh words, with deliberate kindess. Told her she was ‘beatiful’ and needed to ‘remember that.’ Then i explained that a lot of fine gents of the world add me into their cyberland and that I do not actually know her husband personally. We enjoyed a bit of banter. Then ended it with ‘Ugh! Men.’ Followed by a cyber hug and a make up. I’m a PR Champion. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Ooh Pete’s made me an impressive Italian starter for dinner. It’s bread. I’m on a carb free diet. *Rolls eyes.* But i love him, so i’ll eat it anyway, even though it is bizarre dating a boy who doesn’t know what a carb is? Plus it is rather spectacular. Therefore he scores points forย  the effort. I DON’T EAT BREAD.)

Okay, so i have lots goin gon in life right now. A few of you may have seen the promo picture for my book. *Look below.* It’s all getting really exciting now because it’s finally coming together. I understand that everybody has been waiting for ‘the book’ for donkies years. However, it’s finally picking up and almost ready. Having Ruby kinda slowed down the process a great deal, followed by a heavy ‘day job’ work load of time stealing. I had no time to concentrate on the book. Therefore it took longer. I always think everything happens for a reason, so i don’t know why it has to come out much later than expected…but it does?

All i needed was an image to get the people behind the scenes excited again and well that is just what it did. (Thankyou to Brian the photog.) Now, i have people taken a back with a flutter, or a moment of *shock.* An image says everything and is more powerful than you may ever think. The rest of the pictures are on their way to me now and well i’m to pick 10 out of 500 and get them ‘book ready.’ Lucky. Lucky!

I always thought you couldn’t do everything at once. Be a new mum, work a day job, write a book, a blog and have a life of show to thebizzle. However, i’m slowing proving to myself that you can!!! I’m doing it! I went back to work after 2 weeks of having Ruby and it was weirdly frowned upon? I felt guilty and missed her deeply. However now i don’t at all regret it. I’ve bought her a future. I love and see her every day of my life. I’m earning money from my day job, and earning money from solidifying my mark via the book, which was wonderfully created via this ‘once little’ blog. Crazy innit! Who’d a thought? I will say that going back to work so early kept me motivated, sharp, got me back into the game and well now i’m in corsets, tiaras and with a book on it’s way out!

Pete’s loving the new pictures and well i am too. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate feeling sexy again, after the pregnancy. I’m back to ‘va voom’ and dollies it feels ‘ooh laa.’ I literally only shot the pictures at the weekend and yeah, i’m quite insecure about my body right now, therefore it feels good to look at the photos and think ‘aah…i still goddit.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ (Even if girls do call me a slag for it.)

Anyway, i’m gonna go and tend to Mummy time. I’m refusing threesomes, drinking wine, loving Pete and just reading on a text that my Daddies little brother just died. ๐Ÿ™ Life….it really is a lot shorter than you think. Live it!

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