He stole Bed sheets????

The Power of the super-skinny jean, really does only work when one is SUPER skinny. I tried a pair on today and yeah, the look really wasn’t quite what i had expected. It was like trying to fit ten tonnes of raw meat, into the openning of a toothpaste tube. Not pretty! But saying that there was this one horny tattooed man, in speedos who really seemed to fancy some…i think?? It was 9.03am, so i really wasn’t bothered, plus i was getting blinded by a 18yr old girl, who looked like she was about to attend a roller-disco, in illuminous yellow leg warmers….she liked my hair. Shame really, i didn’t think much of hers!! EVIL! Then God punished me by making the keen folks at a department store, spray me down, with every scent known to Christian Dior. Don’t get me wrong, ‘J’adore Dior,’ i just despise the overly keen sprayers!! If i want to be sprayed, i will inform you. Don’t just go around spritzing random people, at 9.34 in the morning. God i’m tired!!

It’s been a weird day, a looooooooooooong day for sure, yet when you become a witness to a druggie stealing bed sheets, from a bed sheet store, and running as fast as he can out the store, and through the bleepers like Rambo….. you have a 6 year old feel you up, then having his mother apologise (hahah it was hilarious) and then you have a rough looking slapper, with approx. 5 kids, tell you she hates her children and wishes then were never born, whilst throwing one, by the ear at you, due to sheer frustration…it makes you realise how wonderful your life is incomparison. So i’m happy! Tired, but happy!! Especially since i was going through one of those, ‘ i think everyones doing better than me’ phases, now i know…they’re not! There are DUDES who steal BED SHEETS…and right infront of people!!! If you’re gonna steal something, at least choose DIAMONDS or CASH or GIRLS!! Bloody hell!! Bed sheets for crack!! Come on!!

I’ve just read a headline saying,’ Wrinkles made me stab my Husband.’ Awesome! Good times!! I need to go back to LA!! I’m trapped in a crap ‘not very amusing at all’ Circus!

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