Have a beautiful weekend!

Thank the good b’jeeze it’s Friday! Right now, everything’s kinda happening at once and I’m having to prioritise swiftly, emotionally, physically and well you name it…I’m re-jiggling & re-juggling. I’m doing it. But it’s fine. I’m staying positive. (I’m currently walking around with a bag of strawberries from Donny market and some fresh seafood platter that Ruby’s made me buy for an after school treat.)

I’m actually finding the ‘doing of it all’ quite easy because I’m focussed. I’m not wishy washy. I always know what’s going on and what I’m supposed to be doing. Emotionally I’ll admit it’s tough….

…but it’s gonna be okay. I can feel it.

On the other side of the hill, is a really happy time. We just have to get over the *bump* of the ‘hoo haa’….in heels. Once that’s done, I am definitely sure, life will go back to normal. It’ll be even better than normal. 

Plus, i know  Ru & Ju BOTH can’t wait to finally feel like there are no more worries swirling through their world. 

Ruby: ‘If…..(She said something here)………. everything would just be so happy again. It’d be perfect. We don’t need…’

Ju: ‘If……(he said something here).……….everything would just be great, like it was! Why won’t…’

The funny thing is, they both came up to me separately & privately, in their pyjamas, last night. Y’know, when they just have their sneaky mummy moment. 

Junior had just got done playing pirates in the bath and was ready for bed. He was exhausted. Ruby was in her unicorn nighty having brushed through her hair & gone through her spellings for her test today. 

‘How come I can spell auctioneer, but keep messing interest up??? Lol.’ 

…and they both said the EXACT same thing to me, in their own way….quietly.

I didn’t know if they’d talked to each other about it or not? But, I listened and I knew exactly what they wanted & exactly what they needed.

They’re really close and if anything that’s something that I adore. They care for one another very dearly….and when it comes to parenting, that’s something I’m always proud of.

Last Friday they had to leave school a little later than usual. Anyway, I walked with Junior, to retrieve Ruby, at around 4pm. He passed a school snack table en route, and picked up a triangle of pita bread. 

When we got to Ru, (who was happily playing with every friend in the world,) She spotted us IMMEDIATELY!! The first thing she did was dash up to Junior, and say…

Here! I got this for you!!!’

From her pocket she pulled out a short bread biscuit. (Ruby has a ‘savoury’ tongue. Junior has a sweet tooth.)

Ju: ‘I got YOU a pita bread!! Lol’

I loved it because they thought about each other, without even being prompted. They thought about each other without thinking of themselves first!!

It’s the small things that make a difference. They exchanged treats and we went home.

So what I’m gonna tell you is that we’re gonna be all good!!!

When they came to me in their pj’s, I knew what made them happy, I knew what worried them & I knew that it was my duty as ‘Mama’ to sort it out. 

I’m good. I’ve got this! It’s 4 more days of haze than a very clear Wednesday.


Whilst I’m sat here with my strawberries, I previously told you I thought 2019 was going to be a breeze. Everything was just going my way! It started out wonderfully for us all. It couldn’t have been better. I couldn’t have imagined how marvellous life had become. 

It turned testy….which is code for shit. But I had so much love and support that I kept feeling and therefore being victorious.

Very big things occurred and are still occurring…which kinda changed everything. Yet these times are the best times. They are the times that make or break you.

Regardless, Ru, Ju & I HAVE each other and we positively champion that firmly.

The good thing about this year, is that 2019 is the year we became strong. The year that developed us, because nothing worse could quite possibly happen. Lol. 

This is the year that changed everything. The year where people were put in their places and life elements came together. A learning year. It’s been kinda shit like 2014. The funny thing is, there is the same ‘drama human’ in both years.

The great thing is, I found my footing career wise and unbelievably wonderful things happened to me, at the same time. 

However, being Me, I’m determined to make sure the babies & I not only have the most fulfilling and beautiful rest of the year. Yet, we also have the most emotionally stable world, filled with nothing but love.

That is what every human deserves. We don’t always get it. But we can strive for it. We deserve it!

So I’m gonna be positive, because right now after a chat, a consultation and ‘bought for me- is this vegan’ beans on toast yesterday, I feel strong. I feel good!

The kids and I have so many celebrations in store. We have fun, work & excitement. The end of the year is always our favourite time of year, as it’s filled with festivities!!! Halloween, Bonfire night, Family Birthdays, (I’m a Crimbo baby,) Christmas! It’s all so exciting!!! 

(I mean, Junior helped put out the baubles at Ackworth Garden Centre the other day, ready for Christmas via the fine art of ‘sorting out the jungle themed’ tree. It filled his soul with utter joy. His little face was a picture. It completely lit up because he couldn’t believe that he was part of it all! Haha. I was proud of him, because the smallest things make him smile.)

But everything aside…the babies & I have a very busy weekend of birthday parties, sleepovers and we have even been invited to watch a movie at a newly opened cinema for free.

All gonna say is…I have 4 days and then the stress should be over.

All I want to say is thank you to absolutely every single human who has helped, loved and supported the bambinos.

Have a beautiful weekend..

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