Hate Vicars not Choccies


Morning all! I’ve just completed the nursery run, in an updo, wishing for ‘cool like Elvis’ blue suede heels, with a 5 month old, in a bear hat attached to one side of me and a two year old, who now thinks she’s Madonna on the other, after I showed her her preschool test shots. I completed the nursery run during what I call ‘the mayhem hour.’ It’s a crazy rushy time of panicky mums and nowhere to park. I had to circle the joint like someone who should get arrested, before simply parking the ‘Wunna’ way, which is the glorious art of abandoning your car illegally with a wink and a bit of charm. I didn’t get caught. Find your inner kitten. 🙂

Life is good!

Okay, so I’m back now and about to check up on my designs in China, I’m having to email over a picture to Fabulous Magazine, I’m snacking on a breakfast Ryvita (yes, i’m taking dieting seriously now) and i’m happy, really happy…in fact beaming with a glamour pussy glow in my heart.

I adored my morning messages from some of you, you cared to worship the ground that I walk on. 🙂 You’re my favourite people. I like you the best. 🙂 And now with a nettle tea in my hand (I know, I’m turning hippy healthy..kill me) and with a rather long ‘to do’ list to get friendly with I’m pondering yesterday and all that I found out.

Firstly, I had no idea that ‘Made in Chelsea’ Millie Mackintosh, was great grand daughter of ‘Quality Street’ creator John Mackintosh. She’s the choccie/toffee heiress and that’s what I call GREATNESS! I adored a heiress, as you may well know. 🙂 But a ‘Quality Street’ heiress is delicious. Literally. (If you’re American and you don’t know what that it…you should! British Candy Alert.)

Of course, I then had to read up about it all, as you know I adore a success story and well back in the day her great grandfather and his wife ‘Violet’ apparently used their £100 LIFE SAVINGS to buy a pastry shop in Halifax. The rest is history. Now Millie lives a lavish life in Chelsea because of it, but also carved her own bit of ‘look at me’ out, hasn’t see.

I did have a ‘Mark’ state that my maths is shit (which it is) because £100 back in the day was more like £15,000. However, my kitty answer to that is the simple fact that it doesn’t really matter whether he turned £100 or £15,000 into a national, multi-million pound successful, family brand…that’s still absolutely AMAZING. So well done to that family! Hopefully, i’ll get mine there one day. I had to simply tell that Twitter ‘Mark’ not to ‘hate on chocolates.’ Especially when i’m on a diet. I mean, hate on burglars and Vicars and prozzies and men. Not chocolate covered toffee bits, in super shiny paper.

But yes, that’s what I learnt yesterday! More successful people.

Oh and I also learnt that technology has decided to get romantic. You know I love this! You can now purchase a ‘long distance relationship pillow’ that lights up when your other half is laid upon theirs. How cute!!! I mean it’s all very techy and you need an ipad, an app, some wrist bands and wires and S& M robot junkie…:) but bottom line, after you’ve sorted all that part out, you and your long distance lover can be connected by light up pillows. I think that’s gorgeous. I mean, you can also hear their heart beat if you wanted to, but that’s not as romantic as your pillow lighting up at night, when your partner lies upon theirs. #aww I bet they only cost THOUSANDS of pounds. Helloooo Santa! Saying that, i’m not sure if i’ve been good? I’ll have to buy my own shit. 🙂

Other than that,I’m working on my beauty line and loving every moment of it. I will tell you AGAIN that as long as you are doing things that you love, you will always stay positive. If you’re not and in bad habit of a cycle…break it. You need to. Train yourself to think in a more brighter fashion and pull yourself away form an environment of bad habits. Be productive. You can just think and feel positive, then venture into a lions den of sin. You have to work hard at surrounding yourself around the right people, places and things. Time wasters teach you how to waste time. You look at their lives 5 years from now and I bet they are doing the exact same thing.

Whatelse? Oh the children got their nursery/preschool photo’s back. Well not fully, I got the test rough test sheet, where I get to pick my favourite ones for print or CD. HOLY VOGUE MUCH! They rocked it. They are the most glamourous school photos I have EVER SEEN. My loin fruit is glitzy! They are ‘IT’ babies. They swirled and winked and posed and pouted. They worked that thang like Ru Paul. I couldn’t even believe my eyes when I saw them. At home they’re all chilled out or  tantrummy. In front of a camera..they are SUPERSTARS! 🙂

Fuzzy because they are only the rough testers for me to pick from. But take a looky much! *Vogue* 😉

Lol. As IF, she’s laid on her tummy like that for her normal school photo. Love it! 🙂


So, i’ve got to get going now and down this rather boring nettle tea. I really want my beauty line to work. I’ve become do obsessed with it because it’s made me so happy that i’m dreaming about it in my sleep and everything. I just want to get it write and yeah it’s taking it’s time…but i’m doing it the right way!








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