Happy V Day

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I’m sat at the end of the bar writing this, so bare with me….I used to love blogging in public, but now I think everyone’s watching me…when they’re not. Haha. (Yes. I need therapy. But you would too, if you had to go places, sit normally and pretend that people haven’t seen you naked.)

I meeting lots of Wunna fans today on my travels and it’s wonderful. Oh and i’ll have you know, that every single person that has stopped me today for a picture…has been FEMALE. (Who’d a thought!?!)

I had stuff to say, but now i can’t remember it?

This is why being old sucks. You really CAN’T have wine and remember things, when you’re old. It steals your memories forever. Trying to think, is like a slow motion hurdle today. My eyes aren’t even working either!


Happy Valentines Days!

I hope you have a good one. Even if you’re by yourself. This is the first Valentines in ages, where i’m not actually single. So, I reckon i’ve done well. In fact, I know i’ve done well. He even agrees…that I’ve done well. Haha.

Me: ‘I did good.’

D Bear: ‘You did REALLY GOOD! Haha.’

Everything’s lovely. I’m smashing work. I’m so excited to head to Surrey tomorrow. Life is wonderful and let’s just say, it kinda feels like Wunna land is finally making it’s mark.

I guess i had to find my niche and stick to it….That’s what I decided to do, yeah? It’s worked…

If ‘sexy’ is my thang then sexy is my thang. I’m loving it…and it’s paying a pretty penny, so i’m happy. It’s like turning tuppence into proper dollar….kinda literally.


If you’re single this Valentines and it’s bothering you, don’t be bothered. I’ve had THE BEST TIMES during single Valentines days. Throw a party for one, but whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH ANY LOVEY DOVEY MOVIES.

I once spent Valentines CRYING MY EYES OUT, (Hahaha,) because I decided to watch ‘The Notebook’ alone.

Just purchase a rabbit, a takeaway and drink.

Keeps you out of trouble…keeps ya belly full.

Theo: ‘I’m still not over that time in LA, you cried over an actual penis. Haha’

Love is in the air in Wunna Land and i’m feeling pretty smitten. I kinda don’t want to tell me that, but if he reads this…then he’ll know.

He’ll not be smitten yet, will he? It’s always us girls who go full steam ahead in the love department. Haha.

I know this is short. But i really do have to go. My Mum’s waiting for me at Taco Bell… (lol OH the Glamour) and she’ll be grumpy and Asian if a burrito doesn’t hit her lips in approximately 12 minutes.

Catch ya later.

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