Happy Thursday


Morning all!

We’re almost at a payday! So whether you’re swimming in cash, or holding out with your last penny glued to your ‘Account Summary,’ until we get to Friday, or doing ‘just right’ for now. DO NOT PANIC! Don’t stress. Just enjoy life, forget about it. Be wise and KNOW that Friday is coming. Don’t not keep checking your account and fretting. Just make like a King and know that the fairytale ends well. 🙂

Today, is Thursday and I even forgot it was Thursday because i always think we’re on Thursday when we’re on Wednesday, which is a tragedy in itself. However, tomorrow i have a doss work day, breaking down my week with a ‘Hurrah.’ Thank GOD! Today unfortunately, is no doss at all…so we’re chilling with a smile and getting through it, the best we can. Hopefully in good company.

I’m working all day and have an audition right after work. I have a lash line skype meeting and then i’m just going to chill at home with a wine.

The good thing about today is that i’ll strut on into work and Bev will come up with some new business idea that she believes we should take on, that starts with ‘if we won the lottery.’ It’ll start clean and end dirty. Then she’ll turn it into a money chat..which ends in laughter and the ultimate need for cake. (Which we only have on Monday.)

Talking dosh…Isn’t it weird how boys/men or whatever they preferred to be called believe that they can’t date chicks if they don’t have any money? I hear it a lot from my guy friends and get messages about it all the time. It’s so bizarre. But i guess their own personal view, teachings or experience with girls, have made them think this way?

From what i know…love is love and money is money. They’re two separate boxes and they shouldn’t be mixed into one big box, until it’s time for a true commitment.

I get that a lot from guys, because i think they see me as ‘high maintenance,’ when really i’m low maintenance because i can afford to look after myself, two babies and a man if i wanted.

I’m not even high emotional maintenance, because i’m more chilled than most chicks i hear of, so i don’t even know where that comes from?

But boys, yes ofcourse treat your girl. Yet don’t think you can’t afford to be with one. Just go over to hers and chill, if you can’t do a date. Wait until you’ve accumulated and then surprise her. Simples.  You make it too hard on yourself.

And girls, even though i’m saying this. Don’t sell yourself short. Men should always be there for us, yet a lot of them these days take the piss. So don’t date a ‘no hoper’ who’s intentions aren’t honourable. He can be broke, but still honourable. Yet the piss take ‘you pay for everything boys’ are grim, as relationships are a two way build up. You both should be able to give and take. Not that i’m an expert. But really…via my track record. I am. 🙂 I’ve dated some hardcore pisstakers and some really decent men. That’s why i always tell you ladies…to always hold your own.

But yes to everyone waiting for a Friday payday…don’t worry. It’s coming. Chill, relax, don’t stress and have a lovely night of rest. As soon as it hits midnight…you’re sorted!


Love you lots.


ps, Thursday is always an odd day. So lets just get through it and be more productive than we thought. You should try to at least do one productive thing a day, that leads you closer to that ‘dream come true’ goal.


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