Happy now

So excited, because i’m taking my ‘snap shots’ today. It’ like playing ‘boobie model.’ I’m only gonna do 4 plain snaps, so it’s not that exciting really, and it’s gonna be over in about 2.3 mins…but i LOVE it!! Then i ‘click, click send’ them off to my agent, and she magically does the rest….proving to a ‘big magazine’ that Miss.Wunna now has boobies. They obviously need to see them on the ‘low down’ before, i get booked. Other than that, it’s a sunny hot day, i have the biggest smile on my face. I’m not longer being a moody cow, even though i did wake up that way. I just figured, ‘fuck it’….no ones gonna fancy a ‘moody cow’ are they? So i’ve bounced back, found my va voom, and yeah i’m ready to get bronzing…..after coffee.

I hope all you boys have a wonderful Tuesday. Make sure you enjoy the sun. I’m thinking about each and every one of you, and sending you giant kisses for waving the flag of support…kinda like drunken monkeys!! xxxx

ps/ a boy asked me to marry him last night, via text message. I told him he doesn’t even know me, and has only seen me once. He replied,’ Yeah, but i’m still young and stupid.’ (hahahha…10 points.)

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  1. that fridge has got game chrissie that is a quality line. im pleased u seem happier today babe, good luck with your snapshoots how i would love to be that camera getting to see your new fun bags in all there splender. i hope the weather is nice even though im stuck in an office when i go to get me luch i can have the top down with me shades on and look smoth u dont get much chance here in england. havea mustard tuesday chrissie and have a few glasses of vino for me babe take care chrissie tada scratch


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