Happy Glory Full- stop.

Hi my yummy, licks of loving it. I had the most gorgeous night of expression last night with handsome last night. One of those that ends a rather looong day, with a juicy, happy ‘full-stop’ of glory. I’m really happy right now and over the past few days, it’s sort pf *beamed* out my system uncontrollably. I feel excited, adored, filled with ‘ooh laa’ and kinda how every little Glamour Puss, no matter where they are in the world, be they alone, together, broken, behind a desk, in the limelight, young, old or even without a home should feel. I guess i just needed something natural, to make my insides bubble and well bubble they did and bubbling they are. I’m chipper and when i’m armed with a jolly dollop of the ‘ooh laa’ i’m not only rather dangerous. But i’m unstoppable.

I think my rubbish sense of humour has been getting the better of me right now. I can’t help but ‘blurt out’ poor sarcasm, that i’m labelling under ‘Charming Wit’ and i really do need to stop. It’s well performed. Lol. I’ll give myself that. However, i keep jabbing it out on the most sensitive of souls and when my victims of my rather shit humour, aren’t quite made of solid glitter bricks, i find myself in trouble, handing out the Kleenex. Oopsie!

In this chapter of life, i’m simply celebrating ‘being Chrissie Wunna’ and everything that comes with it. I don’t care what anyone thinks, aside from those that care for me and well i’m keeping it cheeky, keeping it ‘ooh laa’ and making it one cheeseball of a narnia…Why not. I’m camp. It works for me and i’m tired of having to put up with the mundane ‘blah-blahs’ of those who keep trying to drain me of my oh so precious (oh yeah she’s gonna say it) PIMP juice! Woohoo! *swag-wink*

I’m really missing my LA friends right. I grew up in Hollywood and  around the people who  i felt really knew me and how i worked and how i strutted and well… i just never felt trapped. I felt FREE! (Not not FOR FREE…you dicks. 🙂 )

However the best thing about this year is having my little girl. Ruby is just divine and lastnight we had a moment where i was  laid on the floor aimlessly, one eye on her, one eye on a ceiling chandelier…and she crawled up to me, like she was on giddy pills, all excited and dribbly, like she couldn’t even imagine having a better human being raise her. (Poor thing. Lol) And it’s those little moments of excitement that make my world tick. That keep me alive.

I’m tired of being and feeling drained by this bit of drama here, that bit of drama there. It’s like an Old MacDonald farm of dramaticals.

I’m loving life. I’m laughing and i’m feeling like the luckiest little Glamour Puss in all of the land. (Plus i enjoy the fact that Gay Adam…tried to feel up ‘train guy’ the other day, by accidentally falling on him on a train. I’ve taught him well. We all love the ‘fall down, feel up.’ It’s a champion move. Hopefully ‘Train guy’ will submit to Gay Adam’s powers and decide to not only love him, yet notice that they are in a relationship. Lol. If not Adam’ll just end up back on that treadmill of despair…running…running…running, then feeling up kinky French men.)

I finally feel alive again.  My friend Claires getting married tomorrow. I’m sooo excited. I mean thank god i have a friend willing to take one for the team and get married so we have another excuse for a piss up. You can’t beat friends like that. (I’ve weirdly just been handed pink forms? I’m not sure why, but when things seem like they should belong to me…people just *hand* them over like i should know that i am their owner?)

I’ve been chewing this bit of gum for at least an hour now, whilst winking at buffoons. *spits out-spritzes-gets happy about life again.*

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