Happy Gay Pride Hullians

Morning everyone. I have an easy day of fun today. I mean it’s still classified has ‘work’ however i’m a girl that’s smart enough to turn her personal ‘good times’ in a money making machine. And yeah there are times when the ‘machine’ conks out on me, and i’m left in a drunken pool of sorrow, all heaped up and useless. But i’m a positive girly and as of right now, things are simply McDandy. (For a little northern girl with slanted eyes, who wanted to make her dreams come true.) I don’t understand why Walrus’ exist. They creep me out. I’m watching them on Tv right now, whilst bendy rollering my hair, and they’re like these big fleshy lumps, with no arms or legs, but FANGs and a moustache, that wallop around all over the joint, expecting you to love them. They terrify me. They’re like ginormous willies, with a minds of their own, that groan and take over the beach. (Wunna runs away crying….but only after she’s kicked one a little.)

Other than that bit of rubbish. (Thanks for tuning in…lol) I’ve turned into a bit of an agony aunt for women and young girls. I’m not really too fond of responsibility or advising people on a life that is not my own. (As i’m far too lazy and far to ‘whacked’ to be ordering anyone about. WHERE’s MY WINE GODDAMIT!!!!) But the other night a young lady was telling me that she was worried because she wasn’t eating and she was doing it deliberately and felt she needed to do it because she thought she was FAT. Then went on to say that she wished she was skinny like me…

OKAY!! Firstly don’t listen to any boy that is telling you you are overweight and therefore not date-able, because i’m sure their lacking a MAJOR department, where a Wunna would believe they needed a little bit more ‘chub?’ Then secondly, i’m not a skinny girl. I dont wave the flag for the size zero girl AT ALL. I love a curvy girl. Well not even that, i think it’s sexy when a girl loves her body regardless. Y’know when she works what she has. Boys love that too and i’ve been all sizes. I’m not a size zero (and when i am it’s because i’m ill, heart broken, or completely all kinds of mentally unstable.) I’m a size 8-10 clothes. Infact a dress i wore yesterday was a size 12. It’s not what size you wear, it’s HOW you wear it. (And that goes for boys and penis’ too. Winky Wink.)

Don’t punish yourself and try and squeeze into a too tight, too small dress. Just buy a bigger size and cut the fucking lable out. Denial is always the best way to deal with things!! lol

I have a day with the GAYs today!!! Hope you do too….Love you x

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