Happy Birthday Chrissie Wunna


Just woke up…sort of hungover. Delighted with all the birthday love i’m getting. I’ll be replying to each and everyone of you personally…coz i’m good like that, but for now i’m currently turning 29…the youngest i’ll ever be, and to be honest it feels AMAZING!! I’ve been wished ‘good times’ from all you gorgeous cherubs… all over the world, who are foolish enough to adore me, *she winks.* But let me tell you, i’m very grateful, very happy and after i’ve scrubbed up (because right now i look like a used up hag) i’m gonna begin the celebrations!! (Glamour Glamour Puss Puss Pout!)

I can’t wait to get started on the merriment, but for the Queen of Greatness, Ultimate ‘IT’ girl, of a Britain we call ‘GREAT,’ all that’s happened so far is a really crap cuppa tea, and my cat dipping it’s tail into it. (Dirty bitch.) You can’t win’em all can ya?

Happy Birthday to ME!!! (I’ll be celebrating my Birthday at ‘Buzz’ in Wakefield tonight! If you go, you will see me. If you see me, then you better not  stand still for too long, or you might get ferociously dry humped! 😉 ) FEELING WUNNAFUL!! Hope you all celebrate my birthday for ME, no matter where you are in the world. I demand you do at least one dirty, ballsy, sexy thing tonight, in honour of The Wunna…love life tonight. LIVE IT!! (You have my permission. 😉 )

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