Happy Birthday Baby Ruby!!



 Dear Ruby,

You are the light of my entire life. You have been the reason why my heart lights up, when i’ve felt down. The one thing that always puts the smile in my eyes. You’ve taught me life, how to love and showed me the world from your little eyes. You havesaved my life and I will honour, love and fight for you until the day I die.

I hope to inspire you, like you inspire me and I hope to be the best Mother, this world could ever given you.

You are my everything and i say it with a *wiggle* and bows. I promise to guide you and teach you what i’ve learnt from life. I swear that I will protect you & be there for you, throughout time. I will hold your hand & help you stand tall. I will speak for you, whenever you are too frightened to voice. I will love you unconditionally and give you my world.

Thank you for coming into my life.

Happy 1st Birthday baby x

All my heart,

Mum x

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