Happy bank Hoilday!

Morning my hunky hots of hero…i’ve been up, down, round and around that i haven’t really had tiem to blog. (Code for ‘couldn’t be arsed, because fun came first.’) If you’re not having a laugh then you might aswell be dead. Therefoer if you have wasted your Bank Holiday weekend on crying over  ‘not worth it’s,’ or being too scared to tip toe into fun…place on those naughty knickeroos and gallop through the fields of joydom. (I’m not on drugs…i’m simply mentally ill today. Let me be. Shit…i forgot to sound sexy…and i mean, do it naked on horseback?)

Wunna land is all about love, life, playfulness and humour. Be it at the expense of others? I don’t care. Just commit to your pokery and in heels. Life is far to short for being bored in flat shoes. I’m preggo and i still manage on occasion to waltz around in 9 inchers, when i’m not feeling grumbly. 9yet i’m not talking about shoes. *Wink-pout* Infact, wait that’s gross? Like i’m walking around with my random Wunna willy conquests sewn onto my clothes like trophies? I should try that. That’s what you get for being raised my a child minded.

As you can see, i’m feeling fun, frilly, flirty, but can only see out of one eye. For some odd reason, i’ve never been happier in life. I had one of those moments where i sat on my bed looking up like a *whack job* with this warmth pulsating through my body. It was happiness. Y’know that little thing that every person in this entire world is searching for. Unfortunately we take horrific detours to try and achieves such a warmth. Be it drugs, drink, sex, or fame. At least they’re the sexy ways to try and detour your way to it…(yet before you all start, i’m not approving of them.) Some people shortcut their way to happiness via obsessive cleaning (fucking weirdos) or abusing their spouse. (Okay on occasions.) Right now in my life, everything is perfect and i can’t even believe it. I’ve never felt that warmth for this long. The good thing about me is i’m foolish, therefore once i feel ‘whole’ i want to share my wholeness and smear all over the nation with love…like herpes. The bad thing about sharing is that you end up with an empty fuel tank. But luckily filling my ‘whole’ up isn’t too difficult. 🙂

I feel all naughty today,which is good. I’m best when i’m naughty. But I will tell you that i’m sad that Coolio has left Big Brother! OMG…i love him when he’s annoying. Yet now i hate Nadia. Her tantrums are sooo *sweat patchy.* No chick i know, *glows* in such a manner.

So on Saturday, my Mum, brother and I took a tiny trip to London. I loved it ebcause i never get to go on trips to London with other people. It made the advnture way more exciting. Plus, i felt no pressure. I didn’t have an audition, or a work meeting to tend to. i didn’t have a deadline or an awful boy to try and make up with. I just had my family…(apart from my little Daddio) and fun.

We arrived early, i sorted out my appartment drama. (I now no longer have my North London, appartmeny finally and i’m soo happy that that little burdens been lifted. I’ve been having to pay for it for the whole time i haven’t been living in it and well, i’mr ather spaz my money on lip gloss and booze for others.) I am now freee and well Chrissie Wunna LOVES the feeling of freedom. I’m all skin to the wind baby!

To clebrate we thpught we ‘d have agander around the old smoke, so we taxi’ed it to Leicester square and got a quick lunch at TGI’s. Awesome time. Perfect service, hto summers day and bubbles flying through the air. We really bonded as a family. My mum and brother were so happy and well that makes me happy.

Then we did what all good folk do and shop. We bought everything our heart desired and watched a lunatic on a bucking bronco. (If i wan’t preggo, i would’ve had a go. I can only do it drunk.) We followed that up by being tourists..which i love. Visiting London is GREAT. Living there (for me)is horrific. I claimed i moved there in order to fight for my career. Bull shit. Once i got there all i did was spend sooo much money on going out every night, and getting drunk. I got soo drunk that i’d wake up in my own sick, almost every monring.

The good hting about that is that i met loads of you, and built up my London reputation. Woohoo! (London is fun when you’ve just come off a reality show, because you get everything fore FREE.) The bad thing is i let a boy be awful to me…so i pretty much had to leave, in order to find my happy. Which i have ten times over now! Mwaha. IN YOUR FACE!)

London was a great time with the family…i was happy. Then i foudn myself stood next to takeway cripsy pork my Ku Bar and left immediately via train back to Yorkshire. We sat back on the train feeling on top of the world…with midget gems. The conductor recognised me from ‘somewhere.’ I never know what to say when peopel ask me ‘where,’ because with my track record of virginal good behaviour..it could’ve been anywhere??? 🙂 *Giggles.*

Sunday was lovely. I spent it with the Loverboys family…The Wattis Family. I usually go to their Sunday dinner, (all decent people love a family Sunday dinner) and share love, laughter and Wunan time over meat, ‘tatoes and Yorskhire puddings. They had a house full and well it’s just nice to be part of Loverboys family. They make me happy. We’ve both been raised exceedingly well and it just finally feels good to have been blessed (ABOUT TIME CUPID) with such a decent ‘handsome.’ Pete and i are getting on really well right now. We’re the perfect mix of everything. Loving, fun, silly, but romantic. I’m having a blast. (He says he likes me today ebcause i’m flirty. Hmm..? Surely he shouldn’t like that too much. Floozies like me will flirt our way into any bit of trouble, simply for the sake of humour and end up in the bed sheets of sinners at ten to two.)

But anyway enough abouyt my shit life. Today is BANK HOLIDAY and if you have slacke di toff with nothingness, then at LEAST have a drink…even just one? Or if drinking ain’t your think..grab a flute and folk dance to the joyous sounds of your…life? Just have fun, make fun, live fun. Kiss everything better and end it in a wink.

It’s Monday, work is replaced by working ‘it.’ I have to go..i’v eleft my hair tongs on somewhere in the house and they’re burning domestic pets. Oops.

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